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S|S Skincare Kit

Put your freshest face forward.

The Spring/Summer Skin Care Kit is here. Contains everything you need to keep your skin cool and clear all Spring and Summer long. 


Rose Hibiscus Face Mist - Not only does this toner provide a double dose of hydration (rose + coconut water), but we also added Hibiscus extract to promote cell regeneration and reduce fine lines. 

Lapis Facial Oil - This sumptuous blend of oils is both a reparative treatment and a highly concentrated moisturizer. It heals and smoothes blemished, broken, and discolored skin while providing pure, undiluted hydration.

Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask - Formulated from nourishing clay and finely crushed flowers, this mask gently decongests pores and removes the surface layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresh and radiant skin beneath.

Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask - The amazingly curative power of Blue Tansy oil combined with the alpha and beta hydroxy acids provided by Papaya and Pineapple enzymes makes this an unparalleled clarifying experience for your complexion. You can kiss unwanted outbreaks, redness, dark circles, and inflammation goodbye.

Coco Rose Lip Tint - Looking for the perfect pout? It will be yours with our deeply conditioning and naturally vibrant Coral Rose tint. We use organic virgin coconut oil and Moroccan Rose essential oil to create a richly moisturizing and lightly scented Spring toned lip color.


Replenish and revitalize in these four simple steps.

Cleanse : Prep your face for masking by either gently cleansing or simply rinsing with warm water.

Mask : Apply the mask. Refer to the specific mask directions to allow enough time for each ingredient to work its magic. Rinse your face with warm water to remove the mask and pat with a washcloth to dry.

Mist : Hold the bottle 10 - 12 inches from your face and lightly spritz from forehead to chin in a side to side motion. Take a minute to admire your bright new complexion and let the mist fully absorb into your skin.

Moisturize : A little goes a long way. Using only a few drops, massage the facial oil into your skin in an even layer on your face and neck. Allow 1-3 minutes for the oil to absorb and instantly revive your skin’s natural radiance.


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