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Help us Plant 10,000 Trees for Earth Day


It’s simple - all you need to do is shop. Meanwhile we joined forces with Maryland based nonprofit Trees for the Future to donate your dollars to sustainable agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa. Now through April 26th our entire website is 15% off and 30% of our Earth Day proceeds will be donated directly to the organization’s Forest Garden Program. In addition to this donation, we will also contribute 10% of our weekend sales. For every ten cents of our total contribution TFTF will increase the natural resources of family sustained farms by adding a tree specific to the regional needs. The replenishment of these depleted resources helps to reverse environmental degradation and restores biodiversity. However the reforestation benefits reach far beyond a purely environmental impact. Fueled by education, the Forest Garden Program gives farmers the knowledge and skills to plant and maintain the crops necessary to meet both market opportunities and nutritional needs. Not only does this permanently increase the family’s income and food supply but it also provides them with sustainable feed for livestock and fuel for cooking. As the farms grow in prosperity they offer local employment opportunities and empowered roles for women and children. Thus struggling communities are strengthened and the battle between forest and farm can be reconciled.

Help us celebrate Earth Day by helping Trees for the Future plant ten thousand seeds for a better tomorrow. You have all weekend to save more than just your pennies.

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Jun 18, 2016 • Posted by gentry

I am making invitations and love the font on your products but cant figure out what font it is would you mind sharing?

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