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Woodblock Chocolate / Valentines Day

I have to admit, Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. To celebrate this year, we have added Woodblock Chocolate bars to our shop and included them in a few limited edition Valentines Gifts available here. I wanted to share a little bit about these delicious bars made in our nearby / sister city Portland, Oregon. 

First of all, they are created by husband and wife team, Jessica and Charley Wheelock. Secondly, Woodblock Chocolate is special because it is made with only TWO ingredients (cacao and pure cane sugar). This means that it is vegan and as pure as a chocolate bar can be. 

Also, the packaging is simple and beautiful. We were so lucky to place our order and receive their special Valentine Day Edition bars complete with mini pink heart wrappers - yay! <3

You can shop Woodblock Valentines Day Edition chocolates here: 






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