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Herbivore How-To: Sparkling Rose Cocktail

Rose is a favorite ingredient in a lot of our products (Rose Lip Butter and Coco Rose Body Polish, anyone?). Not only is it a gorgeous scent, it also tastes delicious. Add a little booze to the mix, and call us happy clams. Here’s a drink recipe featuring rose water that we really enjoy. 


Sparkling Rose Cocktail



2 oz. sparkling water (or to taste)

20 drops rosewater (We recommend using Heritage Store Rosewater or Nielsen Massey Rosewater)

1 tbsp. lemon

1 1/2 oz. gin

3/4 oz. liqueur framboise (Chambord)

Rose petal for garnish





In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except for sparking water. Shake it all up. Pour sparkling water in desired glass. Strain shaker ingredients into sparkling water, and top with a good amount of ice. Garnish with a pretty rose petal, and drink up!


Adapted from HonestlyYUM recipe