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Herbivore Interviews our Collaborators

Jess Marie Griffith is the designer behind bag brand Pine & Boon, located out of Seattle. We've been long-time fans of Jess' work, and so we naturally had to do a collaboration with her for this year's holiday season. The result: a convertible pink bag! Read all about Jess and Pine & Boon.


What sparked your career in accessories design?
had always wanted to design and sew my own clothes but I studied art instead because I hated sewing! Now I laugh when I think about that. I could have really used all those technical skills. Luckily I am a quick learner and have always had the ability to just copy what I see. That is really the best way to learn for me. Finding a bag for myself was always tough. I found that most bags have all this extra "stuff." I am inspired my the material and pattern designs I create to keep things simple, interesting, and functional.

What's the story of your brand name?
"Pine" represents the Pacific Northwest landscape, and "Boon" means community. Pacific Northwest nature and community are what keep me going.

What's a typical day like for you?

For the last few months I started planning out my weeks every Monday in order to give myself structure. It also helps me stay organized and not forget anything important. 

I have a rule, I HAVE to exercise everyday. So I typically do yoga at home in the morning or go to the gym after lunch to get out of the house if I am feeling lonely. No matter what is happening with my business this has to be a priority for my mental health and managing stress. It helps creative juices flow and allows me to make decisions quickly. Sometimes I sit and worry for too long which means I need to give myself a break and go for a walk. Or I pet my cats — that always makes me feel good.  I will say it takes A LOT of creativity to problem solve my business, as new things always come up. But I spend more time getting shit done than actually designing. I typically design new products twice a year. I am always thinking about the designs throughout the year. 

Changing subjects, what are your favorite beauty products?
Herbivore of course! I am not just saying that either. The packaging is so pretty to look at and everything just smells so yummy. I rarely get to indulge in beauty products with this amount of class because my skin is super sensitive. I only use RMS Beauty for makeup. I use their cheek stain, luminizer, and concealer. I have not been able to wear mascara, even natural ones. I did just order an old fashioned cake mascara in a tin but I have not used it yet. Instead of mascara I started defining my brows a bit with a brow pencil. It just makes me look a little bit more polished. I also use a product called Boomsilk which is a super thick beeswax based cream made by beekeepers in Hawaii. I use that after the Herbivore oils and it just seals and protects everything like a skin shield. It also makes my skin glow. This same company makes a bronzing stick that I use on my face to make me look a little more alive. Because lets face it, when you live in Seattle, you become pasty white. 

Lastly, what’s your favorite Herbivore product?
It is really hard to choose favorites, so I will just go with my favorite this week. This week I have been using a lot of the Jasmine Body Oil. The scent is so relaxing and reminds me of a tropical place. And, it is my husband's favorite too. He uses it as deodorant though, haha!

The Object Enthusiast's ceramic artist Emily Reinhardt is one of Herbivore's original collaborators (see the amazing mask dishes). Now we've collaborated with her again on two candles that double as a keepsake. Let's find out more about Emily and The Object Enthusiast...

Where did the name “The Object Enthusiast" come from?
I’ve always been a collector at heart, and I’ve always been picking things up here and there. As a kid I used to go into my older sister’s room and just beg her to give me something, anything. She’d usually find something just to get me to leave her alone, and to this day I’m really not sure why I wanted her “stuff” so bad. I don’t remember how I came to the name The Object Enthusiast, but once it came to me, I knew it would work. 

What is your most treasured object?
I have a couple of mugs that my ceramics professor Yoshi made when he was making functional wares several years ago. They have the most comfortable handles and fit perfectly in your hands. Those are two mugs that I reach for every time I open the cupboard.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I like to get up early. I take my time drinking coffee in the morning; if I’m being really slow, I’ll drink my first cup in bed. I try to start each day with emails and catching up, but sometimes I head straight to the studio. I always have several projects going on at once, so usually there are lots of different types of projects waiting for me when I get there. 

Do you have any beauty tricks or words of wisdom you’d like to share? My mom always had this rule when I was a kid that I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup that wasn’t neutral. I hated it then, but I get it now. I always think a natural looking complexion is best when it comes to beauty products. And thanks to my mom for saving me from ever having a blue eyeshadow phase! 

Lastly, what’s your favorite Herbivore product?
The Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask is hands down the best thing I’ve ever put on my face! I love it.


Enter to win all three of our collaborations by leaving a comment on this blog post! Giveaway ends Monday, 11/23. 


Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Lee

I am loving this! please do more collaborations like this!!!! these are the kind of presents that makes people smile from the heart!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Gigi

This is so perfect for Christmas! Adorable present for my daughter. She is going into her teenage years, you know, she starts experimenting make up and chase after boys. As a mother I would like to save her from a “blue eye shadow phase” as well and introduce her to Herbivore’s natural make up/beauty routine!

This present will definitely make her feel pretty, and maybe, only maybe she will believe in Santa Claus again haha

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Jose

I love this! I love the smells and the candles and the textures! gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme. Thank you! :)

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Rosie

Your products are gorgeous, and these lovely talented ladies that you’ve collaborated with are too!

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by Rebecca

I love what you’ve done with the convertible bag! Thanks for letting us learn a little more about you all!

Nov 23, 2015 • Posted by lisa

Absolutely love your products, especially the Lapis Facial Oil and the Blue Tansy mask. They have completely changed my skin. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

Nov 22, 2015 • Posted by Limeou

Jasmine Body Oil and Blue Clay mask are the best!!!! Jess Marie and Emily sure know who to choose to collaborate with ;) the clutch and lip products and candles all together are so freaking cute, and all together? MAGICAL!!!!! THANKS HERBIVORE, PINE & BOON, THE OBJECT ENTHUSIAST!!!! <3 have a beautiful day.

Nov 22, 2015 • Posted by Kathryn

Beautiful products! I’m always inspired by artists, you both create gorgeous products.

Nov 22, 2015 • Posted by Risa

Thanks to all for collaboration I feel it’s the best and kindest way to promote new products. Griffith saying ‘simple interesting and functional’. That’s my life :)

Nov 22, 2015 • Posted by Inge

Such beautiful works! I love your products together.

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