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The new motto in the beauty industry has actually been known for a long time but as a culture, we’re finally catching up to it again: beauty begins within. If you look at someone who is happy, you will see they light up the room when they walk in. They look good because they feel good. Their radiance comes from their confidence, how they hold themselves, and how they adore themselves, no matter what.

So how do the rest of us get a dose of that? We can start by changing our thoughts. Affirmations are the greatest tools to help get our mind from a negative space to a positive, empowering state. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we’re often telling ourselves how we’re not good enough. When we lift ourselves up by constantly affirming what we love about ourselves, how we admire ourselves, how proud of ourselves we are, everything will begin to change. Our energy will begin to shift from insecure to confident and in turn, that will change how we feel about ourselves, which will shine from the inside out.

It will take some muscling to change your mind so don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel a change right away. But if you do this exercise every day for a week and more, you will being to charge up yourself with feeling absolutely incredible by focusing on what you love, therefore magnifying that, which other people will feel as well. You will feel radiant, confident, and more beautiful than ever!


Take our a piece of paper and write down all the negative things you say to yourself. Be honest. Get it out!! Sometimes when we look at this on paper we can see how mean we are being to ourselves and that alone will inspire us to be nicer.


On a new sheet of paper, write the OPPOSITE. For example, if on the first piece of paper you wrote “I am ugly”, on the new piece of paper write, “I am absolutely beautiful and love myself the way I am.”



Take the first piece of paper with all the negative things you say about yourself and rip it up! Burn it! Flush it down the toilet! Leave the negativity in the past and feel it being released from your body.


Take the new piece of paper with all your affirmations and rewrite it absolutely perfectly. When we physically write down something on paper, it sends signals to our subconscious mind, which is the part of our mind we are trying to change. Write it down as if you are writing your own wedding invitation! Then tape it to your wall or mirror or somewhere you can see if everyday.

Use these affirmations all day long. Everyday. Keep amplifying your own power, confidence, and self-worth, which in turn will make you absolutely radiant, magnetic, and you will truly feel beautiful from the inside out!!


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