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Whether you're going out or staying in, treat yourself to beauty rituals that will leave you glowing brighter than Casper the friendly Ghost! 

HEALING BATH - Draw yourself a healing ritual bath by adding your favorite flowers, crystals, and essential oils. Light candles, play relaxing music, and let your body soak in the energy of seasons changing from Fall to the deeply introspective and restorative Winter. For inspiration on healing bath rituals, visit our the gorgeous seeress, Deborah Hanekamp's instagram, @mamamedicine, is a gold mine of bath rituals for all your healing need! 

GLOW TIME - One of our favorite makeup tips for a glow is to take a 1-2 drops of a facial oil on finger tips and gently pat cheeks + cheekbones. This gives you a shimmer  that will leave you feeling radiant all night long. And after a long night of festivities and wearing more makeup than usual for costume, our Phoenix Oil will help nourish and regenerate your skin while you sleep. 

BAMBOO CHARCOAL SOAP - Helps to detoxify your skin, making this perfect for deep cleansing before going out or after a long night in costume! Charcoal is known to draw out impurities making this the perfect soap for taking off that Halloween makeup so that it does not clog pores and cause breakouts! Follow up with a facial mist and facial oil for an extra glow!

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