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Our next crystal is the perfect stone for entering the Holiday season when excitement, to-do lists, and travels can be at an all time high! Enter the beautiful Flourite: a grounding, nurturing, and cleansing stone that helps to harmonize the body/mind and remove negative energies. 

It’s powers act as a neutralizer to any harmful or negative people, places, or vibrations, making it the perfect stone to keep in your pocket while traveling or being around family members that know how to push all the right buttons. 



  • Place Flourite crystals around the house to cleanse the space of any negative energies and keep the space energetically pure
  • Carry around a Flourite Crysta Point l in your pocket during the day to ground you and keep you centered while dealing with different people and personalities and helps keep your aura clean from other peoples weird vibes 
  • If you find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, hold the crystal in the palm of your hand where two major acupuncture points reside that help to powerfully soothe anxiety. 
  • At night, after a long day, place a few Flourite Crystals in the bath with our CALM Bath Salts. Light candles, take long deep breathes and allow the salts and crystals to draw out stress and tension from the body. (Make sure to place the crystals in the sunlight the next morning to cleanse them of negative energies.) 
  • After a bath or shower and using body oils to give yourself a luxurious massage, place crystals along the midline of your body to center and ground yourself before drifting off to dreamland. 



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