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EMERALD Deep Moisture Glow Oil Supports Americans for Safe Access

As part of our mission to shatter the stigma surrounding cannabis use, we’re donating $1 of every Emerald sale to Americans for Safe Access, an organization that supports safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

Americans for Safe Access aims to shatter international, federal and state laws and regulations that do not recognize cannabis as medicine, and encourages medical professionals to recommend cannabis in favor of synthetic formulas as a main treatment option for patients. Americans for Safe Access supports education, safe farming practices and research of cannabis, empowering patients and caregivers to consider an alternative, holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

We at Herbivore are proud to support Americans for Safe Access as we too believe that basic knowledge is key to enjoying and appreciating cannabis. Our personal experience with cannabis leads us to believe that more benefits—medicinal and otherwise—are waiting to be uncovered through thoughtful, serious research. We are hopeful that one day we may know the full, healing impact that cannabis can have on terminal diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. We work together with Americans for Safe Access to continue advocating for our beloved cannabis plant and we delight in knowing that our efforts will affect positive change within the cannabis industry.

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Nov 14, 2018 • Posted by Jenn Dinwiddie

As a clinical pharmacist, my job is to give my patients the medication they need to help improve their health and their lives. At least once a day I think ‘you know, this patient would really benefit from cannabis.’ However, due to it’s illegal status in my state and country (South Carolina, USA,) I can not even mention it as a form of therapy. I hope to see this change one day. From cancer to anxiety to Parkinson’s, cannabis is so useful, and has nearly no long term side effects. Yet, it’s not an option for health care providers to treat their patients. Personally, I can not use marijuana, medicinally or recreationally, because I am frequently drug-tested and would be fired from my position due to illegal drug use. Thanks for all you are doing to ensure this medication becomes available to all that need it! Sincerely, Dr. Jennifer Dinwiddie PharmD.

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