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There’s no greater form of self-care than beauty rituals. Think of the gorgeous movie stars of the 1920’s and 30’s. They put time and effort into their beauty routines and they truly glowed.

We too can turn our own skincare routines into that of the beauty bombshells of the past (taking even further back to Cleopatra…the QUEEN of beauty rituals!), which in turn will amplify the effects of the products we put onto our skin and the beauty that we radiate from the inside out.

One of the easiest way to increase self-care is through facial massage. Our new Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme is the perfect product to not only add into our skincare for softer and more dewy skin but to add luxury in our beauty routine. Rose has been used for thousands of years by women around the world to amplify beauty and our Pink Cloud Creme is infused with the most delicate scent of rose from rosewater and smells as divine as it feels on your skin! 


On clean skin, apply a small amount of Pink Cloud Creme to the forehead, tops of cheeks, chin, nose. 

Close your eyes and imagine white healing light coming from your hands as you massage your face gently. The renowned skincare guru Pratima Raichur once said to only touch/treat your skin as if it's the most delicate rose petal

Massaging for longer than 60 seconds helps to stimulate blood flow to the area for healing, skin cell regeneration, and improves lymphatic flow to decrease puffiness, so take your time!

For extra relaxation and calming benefits, add a few drops of our Lapis Facial Oil to your Pink Cloud Creme. Blue Tansy, one of the main ingredients in our Lapis Facial Oil is known to increase feelings of calm, relaxes the nervous system, and decreases inflammation the body.

POINTS of ZEN - focus on these spots on the face for extra calming benefits!

  • In between eyebrows
  • Temples
  • Under eyes (gentle here)

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