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Five Ways to Clarify While Mercury is Retrograde

Five Ways to Clarify While Mercury is Retrograde

Planets are retrograde when the Earth is passing that planet in orbit, making the slower planet appear to move backward in space. Think of passing someone on a track: while moving ahead of the another due to your faster pace, the other appears to move slowly backward even though they are moving forward.

Mercury rules neutrality and communication, and retrogrades cause planets to exude sleepy energy. Imagine trying to operate while very connected to the dream world, and you’ll get a sense of how a planet’s energy feels during a retrograde period! As a result, we earthly beings react in kind when Mercury is retrograde, facing challenges in the realm of communication in particular. Breakdowns, data loss and crossed wires are common during this phase.

Here are five tips to achieving greater clarity through this and future Mercury retrograde seasons:

  1. Travel prepared. Should you happen to have travel plans during a Mercury retrograde phase, double-check your travel plans more than once. Should you feel the Mercurial wave, the Balance + Clarify Natural Skincare Mini Collection is your ticket to keeping your complexion dewy and gorgeous amidst challenges.
  2. Stay neutral. Mercury is the planet of neutrality, thought to balance masculine and feminine energies. Carry fluorite with you aid in communication efforts. This energetic crystal serves to bring clarity to relationships while harmonizing and bringing energetic protection. Stones like these both stabilize and revitalize, connecting us to universal consciousness so that we may be more self-aware.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, for this keeps verbal communication strong. A little squeeze of lemon to help detoxify never hurts. Aesthetics inspire, so treat yourself to our ViA Wellness Crystal Water Bottle by VitaJuwel. A gentle amethyst dome charges your water from within for soothing energy and hydration simultaneously. This simple effort comes in handy when faced with Mercury retrograde stress, reducing irritation and mental fog.
  4. Take Breaks. Pause for a meditation session, a yoga class, good conversation, etc. We suggest taking twenty minutes to release skin concerns with our Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask. This beautiful blue mask feels especially wonderful when Mercurial concerns show themselves on the skin. Key retrograde-balancing ingredients include clarifying white willow bark and cooling blue tansy oil. Both help to clarify the skin and reduce redness.
  5. Practice in the mirror. If you have something very important to share with a coworker, loved one, friend, etc., try practicing reciting what you need to say to yourself in the mirror. Do so while applying a beautifying oil with an uplifting scent like our Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil. Harmonizing hemp seed oil nourishes your skin and amplifies your beauty while grounding moisture supplies a confident glow you can carry boldly into any conversation.

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