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New Moon in Scorpio


Landing in the powerfully transformative sign of Scorpio, November’s New Moon is about unapologetically embracing all of who you are - the light and the dark while standing firmly in your power. Even if you don’t feel it right now, know that deep within you is a well of power waiting for you to tap into it. This New Moon offers you that chance.

Scorpio season is like a phoenix rising from the ashes — you must travel through the fire of your own darkness in order to become reborn. New Moons bring about new beginnings, offering you a chance to look at the areas in which your darkness is holding you back so that you may step into the light which embodies the ever evolving dance of the Scorpio. This New Moon in Scorpio holds magic and mystery that is calling us to shed our old selves, patterns, and ways that don’t serve us to make space for a new, emboldened version of ourselves. With Scorpio’s passion and determination to rise, anything is possible in this New Moon. Try this journaling exercise to gain clarity on the intentions you wish to set for this lunar cycle.

* Prepare your space for the mystical energy of the New Moon—make an alter, light some candles, wear your most luxurious sleepwear, take out your journal, and disconnect from electronics for this magical evening.

* Close your eyes, begin breathing long and deep. Take inventory of your life right now. Identify the top three areas you feel most challenged. Write them down in your journal when you’re ready to open your eyes.

* Go back to your eyes closed and breathing deeply. Ask the Universe to show you what you need to do in order to rise above the obstacles you have just identified. It may show you big actions, like leaving your job, or small, immediate steps, like getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. When you’re ready to open your eyes again, write down all the signs and messages the Universe gave you. Write down three action steps you will take this month based on the signs that the Universe gave you. This is how to create intentions that actually manifest, by taking actions that show the Universe you are ready to make some powerful changes!

* Finally, close your eyes and visualize what your life would look like without these obstacles / challenges. See it. Feel it. Embrace it so that every cell of your being is smiling. Hold the visualization as long as possible so you can imprint onto the subconscious mind that you feel good about these changes and there is nothing to fear, resist, or worry about. When you’re ready, open your eyes and journal what your life looks like without these obstacles. Hang it on your wall or somewhere you can see it everyday and watch the magic unfold.

Happy New Moon!


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