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As the holidays come into full swing, the to-do lists, excitement, and sometimes even anxiety, can feel at an all time high. Our gift to you is a few wellness rituals you can do around the holidays to keep calm and carry on!

One of our favorite ways to center ourselves is using the energy of crystals to help calm and ground us back into our bodies. Crystals are not only beautiful, but are super powerful tools for transformation. Each crystal holds different properties and can help bring the body back into balance.

We recently launched a Crystal Collection with Goldirocks with five crystals, each of them holding different benefits and powers, that can help keep you feeling revitalized and refreshed throughout the season and into the new year.


  • ROSE QUARTZ  (love + self-esteem)
  • CITRINE (health + creative flow)
  • AMETHYST (peace + tranquility)
  • LAPIS LAZULI (inner wisdom + rejuvenation)
  • LEMURIAN SEED QUARTZ (energy + vitality)


Here’s a simple meditation you can do anywhere, at any time you need to feel recharged.

  • Choose a crystal that holds the properties you feel you need the most in the moment
  • Find a comfortable seat. Sit with your spine straight and palms facing up towards the sky
  • Place the crystal in the center of your palm
  • Close your eyes and begin breathing long and deep (inhale for 10 seconds, exhale 10 seconds)
  • With your eyes closed and breathing deeply, feel the energy and property of the crystal beginning to heal your body.
  • Focus your mind on the benefit of the crystal and allow it to amplify throughout your entire being.
  • Continue this cycle of breathing deeply, feeling the power of the crystal in every part of your body.
  • When you’re ready, gently open your eyes, come back to the room, and notice how different you feel!

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