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Lapis Facial Oil Ritual with Gemstones

Inspired by the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, our Lapis Facial Oil is just as healing as it is beautiful. Holding powerful anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing benefits, this facial oil nearly mimics the properties of the gemstone, which may help to reduce feelings of anger and inner-frustration, both emotions that are said to cause skin-inflammation. The deep, celestial blue of our facial oil comes from Blue Tansy, an oil that holds a component called Azulene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial to aid in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion. Blue Tansy is also known to help soothe stress and anxiety, which mimics the gemstones property of being known to release stress swiftly, leading to an overall sense of calm and ease. A calm mind leads to calm skin and this simple ritual can help ease both in no time. 
Lapis Facial Oil Ritual with Gemstones 
1. After cleaning and drying skin, apply a few drops of Lapis Facial Oil to your palm
2. Before blending into your skin, take a deep inhale of the oil in the palm of your hands to take in the soothing benefits of Blue Tansy, which helps to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind, and ease tension + anxiety throughout the body. 
3. Next,  apply a small amount of oil to the forehead, tops of cheeks, chin, nose. 

Close your eyes and imagine white healing light coming from your hands as you massage your face gently. The renowned skincare guru Pratima Raichur once said to only touch/treat your skin as if it's the most delicate rose petal. Massaging for longer than 60 seconds helps to stimulate blood flow to the area for healing, skin cell regeneration, and improves lymphatic flow to decrease puffiness, so take your time!

4. Finally, take a few Lapis gemstones and allow the healing power of the stones to rejuvenate your body. Place one on your stomach just above the belly button (3rd Chakra), one at your heart center (4th Chakra), and one between your eyebrows (6th Chakra). 

5. Close your eyes and breathe long and deep to allow your body to heal from the inside out.