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On Monday we have the last new moon of the year, landing in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. A new moon represents a new beginning, an opportunity for a fresh start, and we can use the last new moon of 2018 to set intentions for what we are ready to change for 2018 and leave behind in 2017.

One of the best ways to work with this new moon is to actually look back at the last year and see what hasn’t been working for you. Maybe it’s a situation that keeps occurring, a habit that’s been draining energy from you, or a pattern that keeps showing up in your life. If we take the time to really investigate what keep showing up and see where we can take responsibility for it, we can become master navigators, creating a new plan of action for how we want to show up in the world.

For example, if we keep landing jobs where we don’t feel valued or we don’t make the amount of money we want to be making, we can take a step back and say, “How did I get into this situation? Why do I keep landing here?” In a situation like this (and this will also reflect in many other areas of life too, like relationships), we can look at how much we value ourselves and how worthy we feel. How much we make, the kind of people we attract, the experiences we have all reflect how worthy we feel we are.

When it comes to worth, no one puts the price tag on ourselves except for ourselves. In order to change our self-worth and have bigger and richer experiences in this life, we literally have to fill up our own self-worth tank and we’ve got to do it daily!

A new moon is the perfect time to create a ritual around increasing our self-worth, our self-respect, and our self-love will radiate outward and we will begin to attract bigger and better experiences in the new year. We can plant new seeds for how we want to feel and start fresh, not just in 2018, but in any given moment, if we can learn how to turn the telescope around and look at things from a new perspective. Journaling, meditation and visualization are the greatest tools to begin to make changes and create you, 2.0.


In your journal, write down everything that you felt like wasn’t working in 2017. Try to catch the big themes. Hone in on at least three of them and write them boldly. When we write them down we can see them for what they are and become investigators, looking for clues on what changes we need to make.


Find a comfortable seat. Channel the three things that weren’t working for you. Feel them, even though they may feel uncomfortable at first. The more we feel them, the less scary they actually are. Once you’ve spent a few moments feeling, change the channel. What would it feel like to feel the opposite? What’s on the other side of this uncomfortable feeling?


Visualization is a powerful tool but visualization plus FEELING how the new vision feels is the most powerful thing you can do in terms of creating a new experience. That’s why meditation is so important because it can be challenging to feel how we want to feel when we’re running around, living our normal lives and acting the ways we’ve always been acting. After you’ve challenged the new feelings of how you want to feel, the opposite of how you’ve been feeling or doing things, HOLD on tightly to that feeling. VISUALIZE what life would be like, feel like, look like. Use all your senses. See yourself and your new experience clearly. Beam that new feeling into the future. Feel it in every cell of your body. Push it out ten feet in all directions around you.

Now that you’ve felt it in meditation, it’s crystallized inside of you. The seeds have been planted. Everyday, spend at least five minutes with your eyes closed calling in that feeling. If you can, channeling it in every moment. When you’re on your way to work, driving your car, walking down the street. Let it become you and watch the magic begin to unfold, starting now, and magnifying as you enter 2018.

Image via @satsukishibuya

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Dec 19, 2017 • Posted by Barbi

A friend sent me the article and in reading this, I feel my life has been saved already ♡

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