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On Saturday, Nov 18th there’s a New Moon in Scorpio, which is the sign of rebirth and transformation. This is even more powerful since new moons in general are a time to set new intentions for the next 30 days. With this new moon cycle being in Scorpio, it’s as if the Universe is literally expediting our ability to shed the old and make space for the new. 

A good way to harness this New Moon in Scorpio energy is to take out your journal on Saturday and write down all the things you want to let go of or are ready to release in your life. Make a clear list, bullet points even, of everything that no longer serves you. 
After you finish with that and get everything out and off your chest, on a new piece of paper, write down what you are want to replace it with, what you want to call in, what you want to experience instead. For example, if you are ready to let go of low-self worth or low self-esteem, you would write on the first piece of paper , I am ready to release the low-self worth that makes me feel ….. In the second column for what you are ready to call in / transform, you would write, I am powerful, confident, radiant, and I feel ….. 
As part of your New Moon ritual, take the piece of paper with the list of everything you want to release and rip it up or burn it (safely). As you do this, feel everything that's blocking you or holding you back leaving your physical body and making space for you to start completely fresh. When you're finished, feel as though you are a sparkling, clean blank slate ready for anything.

Take the new piece of paper with everything you want to be and feel, rewrite it in perfect handwriting and hang it on your wall where you can see it everyday. Remember to write it in the present tense as if its already manifested and read it out loud to your self everyday until the next new moon and see what unfolds. If you're interested in creating  a powerful new self-care ritual for this new moon cycle, our Wellness Crystal Collection curated by Goldirocks is the perfect gift to yourself to begin to cultivate a daily, nourishing ritual to create new patterns and growth. 
Image by Stella Maria Baer 

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