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SUPERMOON | New Moon in Gemini Ritual

A New Moon is a chance to start fresh, as it’s a powerful time to plant seeds of new intentions you wish to see manifest in your life. It’s the epitome of a fresh start and this New moon in Gemini on June 13th is also a Supermoon, meaning its energy is even more powerful and potent than ever. Kelly Rosano once said about new moons:  "Allow a fresh perspective to take hold of you. Let today be the first day of your life. The past does not equal the future. There is unlimited potential in the human spirit. Keep your mind open.” 

This Supermoon is the last new moon before we enter the powerful eclipse season. It's opportunity to truly wrap up old patterns and themes and call forth a new experience. Gemini, the twin sign, represents duality, the conscious mind and the subconscious, what we think we want versus. what we REALLY want, what we we think we need versus what we actually desire. This new moon inspires us drop the beliefs that we took on over the years about who we think we are and dip to find out what we ACTUALLY want. 
Journaling is a powerful way to get to the bottom of our hearts desires. Something about writing allows us to tap into the subconscious mind as our thoughts and feelings flow from pen to paper. Heres a simple yet beautiful ritual you can do at home alone or with your closest friends to help dig deep into your desires and set intentions for what you want to see unfold in your life. 
Create a beautiful alter with your favorite flowers, crystal, oils, objects that have powerful meaning to you. Whatever you feel called to place in the center, allow it to bring your New Moon alter to life. 
Smudging helps to clear negative energy from the space and create a fresh slate. Safely smudge your space prior to starting your ritual. 
Dim the lights, light your apartment with twinkle lights or safely light candles to make the space feel extra magical and sacred. 
Get out your journal and spend 5-10 minutes answering the following questions:
What do I TRULY want? (Let your imagination run WILD here!!!! Don’t be afraid to write down whatever comes to mind, no matter how big or bold your dreams feel). 
How do I want to feel everyday? In my relationships? At Work? 
What is holding me back from getting this / feeling this way?
What are the next easy, simple steps I can take to clear my blocks? 
Once you get to the last question this is where the fun starts. Most of our desires are within our reach but it’s really us holding ourselves back. For example, if you want to call in a partner but you feel too insecure, don’t go out much, hide when people approach you, make it your intention to show up more in the world. When your friends invite you to a party, put on your absolute favorite dress, throw on some Rose essential oil, dab your lips with our Coco Rose Lip Tip, and get out there, flashing that beautiful smile. If you’re unhappy at your job, set an intention to actively start looking for that dream job. Ask your friends if they have any leads, search the web. When you start showing up for your dreams, the Universe will start opening up for you and sending magic your way. However, if you just sit back and stay stuck in fears, the Universe will keep sending the exact same experiences your way. 
Once you finish journaling and setting intentions, close your eyes and visualize your new, exciting, fresh, revamped life, one where you are completely and utterly living out your dreams, intentions, and deepest desires. Happy New Moon!

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