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The Healing Power of Companion Animals

Monte the Poodle (@montethepoodle)

Animals—whether your companion animal is a duck, horse, dog, cat or ‘keet—have the innate power to melt our hearts and lift our spirits, sometimes even more easily than our human companions. Animals can live in the moment more easily than humans, reminding us to relax and be present. Their presence alone helps soothe anxious feelings, not to mention their intuitive nature helps them sense our emotional upsets and comfort accordingly.  

We at Herbivore strive to always help animals and are forever grateful for the way our loving companions continue to make our lives better. We encourage those who are thinking of adding a(nother) companion animal to their family unit to explore adoption through your local shelter. If adding an animal to your home isn’t in your wheelhouse at the moment, consider occasionally volunteering at one to enjoy the benefits of interaction!

Companion animals have the power to:

  1. Heal the heart. Studies have found that medical patients with heart disease recover better with the help of animal interaction. Metaphysically, companion animals activate the heart energy center in the body, increasing feelings of compassion and love.
  2. Build trust and happiness. Companion animals help our bodies accomplish this by releasing the hormone Oxytocin, which is responsible for creating feelings of affection and bonding.
  3. Reduce isolation. Having animals present reduces feelings of loneliness, a common feeling that can otherwise present more serious health consequences if experienced excessively.
  4. Motivate. You’re more likely than not to routinely engage in healthy activities like going for walks, tidying and eating regularly when you have a loving animal in your life who needs you to do so for their sake.
  5. Reduce our tendency toward boredom. With pets around to care for, we’re less likely to act mindlessly and more likely to engage with our animal bud(s)!
  6. Reduce anxiety and depression. Animals, especially those who like to play, can lift even the lowest of spirits while helping to reduce blood pressure in anxiety-prone folks. Companionship helps to bring the body, mind, and soul back into a state of contentment.
Please enjoy the following photo series of companion animals who help to support our team!

Eloise + Josh (Herbivore's Accounts Receivable Administrator)

Kevo + Megan (Herbivore's Wholesale Accounts Manager)

Jackson + Monte support Julia and Alex, Herbivore's Founders

Kepler supports Joe (Herbivore's Wholesale Account Coordinator)

Cooper can be found stuck to Tera (Herbivore's Account + HR Manager) like velcro!

Julia Roberts + RuPaul support Wren (Herbivore's Creative Content Specialist)

DD (short for Dungeons and Dragons) supports Jessica (Herbivore's Social Media Specialist)

Louie supports Hillary (Herbivore's HR + Payroll Coordinator)

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