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Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet
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Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet
Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet Hand Poured Candle / Cardea AuSet


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Woman made by Taylor Williams and Jennifer Bonato, co-founders of Cardea AuSet

June and Dale hand-poured candles are made with natural, GMO-free soy and pure essential oils to gently enhance your space with balanced scents. By blending energizing aromatics, like bright citrus, with grounding, herbaceous notes, each candle gently enhances your home with lush scent. Housed in a luxe pale pink glass with hand stamped white text,  these candles feature minimalist, ultra-feminine design.

June and Dale are named for the founders’ maternal grandmothers. June, the candle inspired by Jennifer’s late grandmother, evokes a gentle, soothing feeling when lit—a tribute to its namesake. June is the perfect candle to keep on your bedside table to burn in the evenings for a relaxed atmosphere before sleep.

Dale is glamorous, fun and youthful, much like the woman that it memorializes, Taylor’s grandmother. The scent is warm, full of life and lovely to burn during movement or meditation practices. The sage activates and optimizes the brain and nervous system while sweet orange oil soothes an anxious mind.

June: Juniper and Lavender

Dale: Sage and Sweet Orange