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Prism Window Crystal
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Prism Window Crystal
Prism Window Crystal Prism Window Crystal Prism Window Crystal Prism Window Crystal


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Prisms create rainbows light which expands joy and acceptance, so adding crystals and prismatic items to your space offers welcoming, compassionate energy. Adorning your art studio or craft space with prisms will inspire your creative juices to flow by broadening your perspective. Not only will you discover a more open heart with the addition of prism magic into your lifestyle, you’ll also find a deeper well from which to draw creative thought.

Just as light carries a full spectrum of color, so do you. Each chakra within the human form is associated with a hue, therefore our bodies carry rainbow energy. Rainbow magic offers therapeutic effects to each chakra, activating the entire spectrum from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. When your chakras are aligned, you’re able to be your most beautiful, compassionate and attuned self.

Hang this teardrop-shaped crystal in a sunny window to fill your space with rainbow light.

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