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Ceremonial Matcha / Chalait
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Chalait Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder


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The Chalait Ceremonial Matcha - Everyday Grade blend is the perfect choice for those new to Matcha. Offering a wide array of health benefits, along with a smooth great taste of quality matcha,

Enjoy the smooth mellow flavor, with inviting hints of bittersweet chocolate, cacao nibs and honeydew with a subtly sweet lingering finish. Our packaging allows you to experience the Matcha powder in its freshest form.

Try starting your day with a Matcha beverage for a natural energising boost - without the crash. Use the powder to prepare traditional Matcha tea, a Matcha Latte or even add into your morning smoothie.

15 servings per tin.

Taste Profile: Nutty, Cacao Nibs, Honeydew

Recommended Use: Traditional Preparation, Matcha Americano, Matcha Latte