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Tea Cup / Brad Curran Ceramics


Tea Cup / Brad Curran Ceramics


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"Each tea cup, made by our good friend Brad Curran, is one of a kind and hand sculpted. The cup is sturdy and durable with sides thick enough that the hot tea inside will not burn your hands - as a tea drinker this is something I'm always in search of! Its also an ideal size for a cup of tea, not too big, not too small, it is right in the goldilocks zone. - Julia Wills, co-founder Herbivore Botanicals 

Pairs well with YAME CHA Green Tea by Studio Cue LA: 

This tea cup perfectly warms your hands on a chilly winter morning as the heat radiates through the beautifully crafted fauceted sides. Each ceramic tea cup is handmade and one of a kind. Enjoy hot beverages or cold. Hand wash only for extra longevity.

Instagram: @bradcurranceramics


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