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Ingredient: Coconut

Sure it smells like a heavenly tropical vacation ( smell our new Coconut Sea Mist if you need some convincing), but why do we choose to use coconut in so many of our products? Here's why coconut is more than just a pretty scent...

It’s Wetter Than Water

Coconut water is a big trend right now — and for good reason. This magic elixir makes skin glow, hydrates like crazy, and packs in the moisture that your skin naturally needs in order stay balanced and healthy. Our new Rose Coconut H20 Hydrating Face Mist (coming soon!) gives thirsty skin a boost after cleansing and before putting on a moisturizer.

It’s Nutritious

Coconut oil is considered to be the most nutrient rich oil in nature due to the high content of fatty acids not found in any other single oil. Basically what we’re trying to say is it’s the best oil out there for your skin. And that’s why you get some serious hydration out of stuff like Coco Rose Body Polish.

It’s a Multi-Tasker

Coconut milk is the basis of our Coconut Soak. The ingredient not only moisturizes and softens skin, but also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe inflamed areas of the skin. 

Conclusion? Coconut is your skin’s new BFF. If nothing else, their shells make great bras!


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