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About Us


We created Herbivore with a mission of bringing safe, healthy, wellness-focused natural products to the mainstream. Little did we know that we were pioneering a new category now known as clean, plant-based skincare. Our goal is to continue to change the beauty industry by pushing the limitless of what defines clean beauty and paving the way for ever cleaner, healthier, more sustainable and effective formulations to reach the greatest number of people.


We believe in the power of plants to make your skin even better. Our formulas supersede Clean standards (formulated without 2,700 questionable ingredients in fact) because we scrutinize each ingredient and each formula is made from scratch. At the root of each formula is a clinically proven, natural active that produces phenomenally effective, sensational results and designed by nature to produce magical “Before & Ever-Afters”.

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Skin. Beautiful skin! Did you know that your skin works day and night to keep you protected from external elements while serving as a perfect canvas for our beauty rituals. In fact, it has awesome powers to renew and rejuvenate itself - it’s called the natural repair cycle. Skin is also a vast portal for allergens and irritants - pollution, light, climate, age and using products with harsh ingredients - and these factors can weaken skin. Suppress repair. Compromise protective responses. Lines, wrinkles, acne and premature aging are only the visible signs of irritation. What to do? Use plant-based skincare that keeps the moisture barrier healthy and the natural repair process humming along so skin remains clear, bright and glowing - naturally.


We believe less is more. Herbivore pioneered the connection between natural + Dermatological ingredients. Each of our original formulas are like a layer cake of 3 Essential Actives: clinically proven plant-based active + gold standard dermatological active + botanical soothers. Together, the 3 Essential actives work together to be tough on damage and gentle on skin. All our formulas can be layered with each other; stick with your routine and you’ll keep seeing results.


The brand was founded to help Alex Kummerow, our co-founder with his eczema. Each formula is tested on all skin types including sensitive skin and is designed to minimize irritation or reactivity so all skins can use it.



Before meeting in the Emerald City (aka Seattle, WA) and starting Herbivore in 2011, close friends and co-founders Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills had their feet firmly planted in the supernatural.

Julia started her journey learning about the power of crystals and medicinal herbs from her mother, a practicing healer, and later obtained a degree in Health Psychology and Herbology at Bastyr University.

Stemming from an ancestral line of botanists and climate-change scientists, Alex cross-pollInated his deep-rooted respect for and knowledge of plants and the planet with his natural aptitude for cosmetic chemistry.

Together, Julia and Alex manifested small-batch skin solutions for a fast-growing Etsy community and have since cultivated HERBIVORE into a global beauty brand famous for efficacious plant-centric skincare.

They continue to nurture their like-minded team at Herbivore, championing a deeper connection to and understanding of the plant world through sensational, natural beauty products.