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End of Summer Sale!

All good things must come to an end. Might as well make a sale out of it!

We're marking down our Lavender Sea MistCoconut Sea MistAfter Sun Mist, and Rose Hibiscus Mist, plus their travel sizes. Don't worry, they're not going anywhere — we just want to make the end of summer not so sad for you.

Summer products will be marked down 20% today through Sunday!

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Coconut + Rose = Happy Lips

We love Coco Rose Body Polish so much that we've added three gorgeous lip products with the same luxurious scent and natural ingredients to the family! LIP POLISH Gently exfoliate and po...

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blue clay

Superb Soaps

Soap was the very first product Herbivore created, and we still hold it near and dear to our hearts for good reason: Our soaps are made with pure botanical oils, luxe mineral clays, and therapeut...

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