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Bath Magic

We at Herbivore are year-round bath-takers (and we bet you might be as well). When the air turns chilly, however, it’s prime time to take regular dips in the tub. 

Bath rituals bring a myriad of beauty benefits, including lowered cortisol and blood sugar levels, slowed aging, muscular relaxation, and stress relief. Whether you’re starting your day in a steamy clawfoot, or ending your evening with a relaxing soak, you’re doing the body (and your skin) a ton of good.

Cold weather can be drying to the skin, and heavy layers of clothing can cause chafing and irritation. Unlike showers, baths allow you to immerse yourself in water that is infused with natural moisturizers. Enjoy softer, happier skin as a result of soaking, especially with the assistance of the following goodies:


Salts offer incredible benefits to the skin, helping to heal irritations including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Dead Sea and Himalayan salts include magnesium, which soothes muscles and heals damaged skin tissues. Potassium brings moisture-balancing and nerve-healing benefits. Calcium strengthens the skin on a cellular level, and zinc helps to protect against damage from ultraviolet rays.

Begin your day—or heal from a cold—in a bath infused with our DETOX Soaking Salts, which features eucalyptus and lavender aromatherapy, plus deep-cleansing blue clay. Our CALM Soaking Salts are ideal for bringing your energy back down to Earth, with soothing ylang ylang and vanilla oils delivering ultra-relaxing aromatherapeutic qualities to your soak. Our Soaking Salts Set includes both products so you can enjoy them both.


Milk baths have been used throughout history to restore creamy moisture to the skin. For a milky bath that’s lactose-free, try our luxurious Coconut Bath Soak. Creamy organic coconut milk powder, sodium bicarbonate and a touch of vanilla restore the skin to baby soft. Treat yourself to deep moisture and happy, soothed skin with this beloved soak.


Is there any better time to exfoliate the body than when you’re in the bath? Try our method for using our Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish: Step into your drawn bath, but before submerging yourself, apply the scrub. Using large, circular motions, massage Amethyst into your skin. Once your skin is satisfactorily smooth, dip your body into your bath to infuse your bath water with soothing crystal energy.

If self-love is your primary goal, make Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish your go-to at bathtime. With virgin coconut oil and elegant Morrocan rose ingredients, this sugar scrub is sure to leave you feeling wrapped in heart-healing sweetness.

Try our Body Ritual Kit, which includes both of the above scrubs so you can use one or the other (or both at the same time)! Our Jasmine Body Oil completes this kit, and completes your bath ritual by sealing in the moisture you achieved with your bath.


Lighting is everything. This hand-poured candle by Cardea AuSet not only provides a natural glow from within a pretty pink pot, you’re supporting women in business with your purchase. Blend and candle magic with this gorgeous Amethyst crystal tea light holder.