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BEAUTY TIP No.2 | The Jade Roller


There’s nothing better than waking up from a night’s slumber feeling and looking like we logged in those hours of beauty sleep. And then there’s the times we wake up looking more like Will Smith in Hitch when he eats seafood on his date. Enter the Jade Roller : the beauty god-sent answer to decreasing puffiness, swelling and inflammation. It’s our favorite to use it at night after we shower and slather our faces with one of our Facial Oils, to ensure that we wake up looking refreshed and radiant. We asked Britta Plug, whom Harper’s Bazaar has dubbed as one of New York City’s best holistic facialists, her secrets on how to use a Jade Roller.

“The Jade Roller is definitely amazing for de-puffing after a long night out or anytime you’re just feeling like you look a little off.  The secret is to chill/refrigerate it as the cold will cause the lymph capillaries to contract and shrink, taking the puffiness away super fast. It helps to calm the skin and sooth the nervous system. Jade itself is quite the magical stone that holds its own healing benefits. To depuff and beautify, work from the center of the face out to the sides, and then down the neck.”

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