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Ah. Decisions, decisions. It seems so hard to choose between these two incredible masks, especially when they both hold the transformative powers we want from exfoliation. So how to choose?

BLUE TANSY MASK - Contains BOTH AHA's and BHA's, so this one packs a little bit more of a regenerative punch for inflamed and blemish-prone skin. It helps to shed the top layer of skin with White Willow Bark, a natural BHA, for those underground blemishes, big and small, that we definitely don't want to mess with with our fingers! The fruit enzymes (AHA's) 

BRIGHTEN MASK - With Pineapple and Papaya enzymes, a natural form of AHA's, this mask is for those who are looking to, well, brighten up their skin! If your skin is feeling and looking a little dull/dry, this mask will do the trick by gently exfoliating with fruit enzymes for a fresh, radiant glow. Brazilian White Tourmaline Gemstone brightens the complexion and helps with skin cell regeneration, so you have more youthful looking skin in no time. 

In short, our Blue Tansy Mask will help blemishes and unclog pores that simply don't want to unclog (ugh!). Our Brighten Mask is for normal/combination skin that needs a regular exfoliating boost for youthful, glowing skin!