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Gua Sha vs Facial Roller - Which should you use?

Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Facial Roller

We recently added a new gemstone-crafted facial tool to our collection, Rose Quartz Gua Sha! As our collection continues to grow, we wanted make sure you know the in's and out's of each tool and the differences between them. We asked the ever-knowledgable skincare expert Hayley Wood of Therapeutic Skin Coach to fill us in on the differences between Gua Sha and Facial Rolling.

Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Roller

What is the difference between using Gua Sha and a Facial Roller?

There are a few differences along with so many similarities between Gua Sha and Facial rolling but in my opinion, it just comes down to preference in modality. The first difference is obviously the shape and usage of the tool as one is on a handle to roll gently on the skin and the other one is shaped to be held in the hand as it massages along the skin’s surface. The facial roller can be a much more convenient and quick option to stimulating blood flow and draining puffiness while the gua sha can help the individual incorporate some intuitive flow to their routine, helping to go deeper while spending more time really indulging in the ritual of skincare. 

So in terms of convenience, if someone has more time, Gua Sha is the better choice, if someone has less time and needs a quick boost, use the Facial Roller?

Gua Sha is meant to be an act of self-care by slowing down your breath and allowing yourself to rhythmically contour the face with your stone of choice to release muscle tension and activate the lymphatic system. Without the mindful approach to your deep breath, you could be skipping over an opportunity to connect with your skin’s messaging. The roller is just a much simpler concept and can be soothing with just a quick rolling technique to activate a little energy and flow to the skin. Speed is not as much of a factor with facial rolling, however, it can be a great part of the routine if you have time.


Rose Quartz Gua Shas


Gua Sha is known to help release muscle tension, can you touch upon why this is so important when it comes to healthy, glowing, clear skin? 

If you think about it, our face is in constant activation with breathing, talking, blinking, eating, yawning, etc. and we have so many different communications through areas of tension. Whether it’s through the muscles or the nerves, that can correlate to other systems over-compensating for you. When you’re able to release some of that tension through the face, you’re allowing your skin to do a huge part of its essential functions which is to help eliminate waste and detoxify. The texture of your skin will feel so much more smooth and revived because you’re giving your skin less work to do. Taking that pressure off reveals our skin’s most healthy state. A good flow to the skin will reflect in your glow always!


Why is it important to stimulate lymphatic flow through Facial Rolling?

Most skincare conditions can be rooted back to a stagnant lymphatic flow. When you can slowly get your lymphatic system moving again, you are allowing potential excess waste lingering in those passageways to flush out. When they stay stuck, they can eventually get infected and move out in other ways causing little infections in the skin that are painful and take a long time to heal. The roller cools the potential infection and gets the system moving. It’s just important to drink lots of water afterward too!


Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Does one show results faster than the other?

This is very individual as some people may just prefer one modality vs the other. The key to showing results faster is consistency in your practice, just like everything else in life. Once a day for 2-5 minutes can make the biggest difference over time. However, if you’re not able to commit to that time, you’ll still notice a difference, it just might not be as long-lasting.


Is one better suited for different skin types (i.e. facial rolling might be more gentle for blemish prone skin, etc)?

In my experience, I can see a better result with deeper conditions with Gua Sha. That’s not to discredit the effects of facial rolling, but the Gua Sha. can make more of a difference when working to release deep-set wrinkles or stimulate movement with deeper cystic conditions. For conditions that may need more frequency in use, like calming the skin from a heated flush or flared rash, the cooling effect of the roller may feel more comfortable to use.

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