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Herbivore By Climate: Hot + Dry/Humid

The complexion is subject to continuous change depending on weather conditions. Experiment to find glow combinations that work for your unique skin and environment by mixing and matching oils and serums with our (travel-friendly!) Jewel Box. This limited-edition rainbow kit includes three facial oils and two glow-boosting serums that work well on their own, and offer enhanced benefits when combined. 

For warm/hot-weather-specific skincare suggestions, check out the below guide. 

Living/traveling somewhere warm? Check out our guide for skincare in the snow and/or rain


Hot and dry climates can be very harsh to your skin. Don’t forget to slather on the SPF, and observe the following tips and tricks for added nourishment and a sunny glow:

  • Phoenix Facial Oil – Our richest facial oil is ideal in moisture-sapping conditions, with nourishing rosehip oil and COq10 lending preventative anti-aging benefits and glow-boosting support.
  • Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme – With soothing ingredients including rosewater, aloe, and white tea extract, Pink Cloud hydrates and visibly plumps skin that’s exhausted from dry heat. Blend this creme with a few drops of any of our facial oils to increase and lengthen your skin’s moisture.
  • After-Sun Soothing Aloe Mist – A cooling combination of mint, lavender and aloe helps to soothe redness and delivers deep, moisturizing relief to sun-drenched skin.
  • Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask – Exfoliation can be a challenge when your skin is feeling the heat. This ultra-gentle mask helps to moisturize and gently texturize the skin in addition to sloughing dead skin and excess oil.
  • Coconut Body Oil – Revive parched skin with dreamy moisture thanks to this Herbivore classic that feels and smells divine in hot, dry weather.


A touch of humidity can enhance your skin’s health…bot a ton of moisture in the air can make a big mess! This year we were lucky enough to glean some advice from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Ahron, who works primarily in NYC where it’s humid as heck! Find her picks for simple skincare and makeup here. The following are ideal for hot, dewy weather:

  • Lapis Facial Oil – For those who are blemish-prone, Lapis Facial Oil helps to soothe the appearance of inflammation from spots to sunburns, and helps to maintain overall skin softness, tone, and balance. Pair this oil with a Lapis Facial Roller to help cool the skin, increase glow, and improve oil absorption.
  • Orchid Facial Oil – Our most lightweight facial oil blends effortlessly with SPF and makeup, keeping your routine simple and your skin lightly moisturized.
  • Brighten Instant Glow Mask – Exfoliating tropical fruit enzymes work well in conditions similar to their place of growth. With glow-boosting white tourmaline, this mask assists greatly in refreshing skin that may be dull from excessive sweat. Tip: you  can currently snag a full-size Brighten and Orchid at a discount when you purchase them as part of our Staycation Glow Facial Oil + Mask Duo!
  • Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum – Our all-natural alternative to traditional retinol products is safe for use during the day, so you can nourish your skin both day and night. Gentle BHAs help to refine the skin without stripping it of its natural balance.
  • Citrine Body Oil – This ultralight body oil helps to revive your birthday suit without overwhelming your skin in sticky conditions.

Looking for skincare for cold/cool climates? Check out this guide.

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