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Herbivore Products by Astrological Sign

Feeling in need of a no-nonsense deep clean? That could be your Capricorn moon’s quest to use our Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap. Maybe your Libra sun requests a dollop of Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme to match the day’s femme sentiments. Or, perhaps your Mercury in Scorpio could go for a few drops of Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum.

Herbivore Products as Astrological/Zodiac Signs

Kidding aside, it’s true that the zodiac functions as a system of archetypes with sign-specific moods and aesthetics. It can be fun and cosmically practical to notice these archetypes as guides for not only your intuition, but also your skintuition.

Which product(s) does your skin crave? Discover your skin’s astrological alignment below:

Aries: Gotta crush on the sun? We offer energetic warrior types our Citrine Body Oil, which delivers a plethora of golden beauty-boosting botanicals such as neroli and orange blossom oils. Bring out your fiery gleam!

Taurus: Top-shelf Taurus tastes will adore a royal treatment complete with Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, which leaves the skin glowing and gorgeous thanks to actual crushed amethyst powder and dreamy Jasmine Sambac oil.

Gemini: The dual-personality sign adores the double vision of Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil perched next to its CBD-infused sister, Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Moisture Glow Oil. (One for each twin.)

Cancer: Crabbiness be gone! Indulge in the lunar majesty that is our Moonfruit Night Treatment to give Cancer the nourishment and she needs. This creamy exfoliating moisturizer sloughs moody impurities with powerful fruit acids as the dreamy scent of lavender brings deeper calm.

Leo: This high-performing fire sign is prone to strutting. When the mood strikes, bring in Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil to add pizzazz. This lightly-lustrous body oil features a head-turning rose and jasmine aroma, plus dreamy moisture that lasts all party long.

Virgo: As the purity queen of the zodiac, Virgo bodes well with simple, elegant skincare that serves multiple purposes. After dabbing a touch of Orchid Facial Oil to the highlights of the cheeks, paw remaining product through the ends of Virgo’s hair for an angelic finish and fresh scent.

Libra: Beauty queen Libra is right at home in a beautiful garden flush with fresh florals. For this reason, we love Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme for this aesthetics-savvy sign. Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps to increase circulation (for that ageless Libra look) while evenly distributing the lightweight moisture for a #flawless Libra finish.

Scorpio: Detective work is one of Scorpio’s top skills. The stealthy sign has likely done an incredible amount of research and has concluded that our Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum is worth their hard-earned coin.

Sagittarius: You never know if a Sagittarius is “born with it,” or if they’ve discovered some miraculous skincare secret that makes them look so naturally and perpetually vital. Either way, as the luckiest sign of the zodiac, it’s likely that Sag found our complexion-renewing Phoenix Facial Oil at the end of a rainbow somewhere.

Capricorn: Scrub the ladder grime away with considerable ease thanks to our Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap. Climbing those things can give Capricorn a buildup of impurities that definitely don’t match tailored suits or pressed collars.

Aquarius: This spirited air sign is known for its philanthropic vibes, hence its link with our Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion. We donate $1 for every sale of this gentle exfoliator to an organization that benefits the LGBTQIA+ community in celebration of its rainbow of fruit acids.

Pisces: Lapis Facial Oil features a gorgeous sea-blue hue that harkens to its sensitive skin-saving ingredients. Blue tansy helps to prevent breakouts while gentle squalane and jojoba oils help to bring the skin back to a state of balance and harmony: two things essential to healthy Piscean living.