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Clay has been used for thousands of years in beauty rituals around the world. From Egypt to France to Israel, masks made from the earth (clay, mud, and so forth) have been used to help draw out toxins from the body, remove dead skin cells for a smooth complexion, and deliver a powerful dose of nutrients and minerals to the skin. When it comes to exfoliating, clay works by creating a thin adhesive-like layer that gently sticks to dead skin cells, allowing them to peel away when removing the mask. 

Using a mask has multiple benefits even within the ritual itself, on top of the benefits that we see afterwards. When a mask is first applied to the skin, the skin begins to absorb all the healing minerals the clay has to offer. As the mask starts to dry, it stimulates blood flow to the surface, bringing fresh oxygen which is extremely healing and helps stimulate skin cell renewal. 


With two incredible masks to choose from, picking one can be harder than choosing a movie on Netflix! When it comes to picking the right mask for you, skin type is key to keep in mind. Our Blue Clay helps to heal red, inflamed skin and draw out those deep impurities which can cause breakouts. Our Pink Clay helps aid in skin-cell renewal + regeneration and improving skin elasticity. 


Image: Anthropologie 


Jul 23, 2020 • Posted by Ciara Savvides


I’ve been searching everywhere for the Blue Clay Detoxifying Treatment Mask and can’t find it available anywhere? Are you still selling it? Thanks!

Nov 21, 2019 • Posted by Phil Lambou


I’m trying to buy the blue clay mask I’ve been buying for years but can’t see it on your website.
Is this still available?


Oct 29, 2017 • Posted by Leslie

Thank you for the explanation! Very helpful. I would have liked to also know how you use the clay.
Add water? Maybe? Thanks!

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