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Interview with Michelle Phan of EM Cosmetics

You likely know Michelle Phan as the OG beauty YouTuber, or, if you’re into cruelty-free, vegan makeup, you might be better acquainted with her luxurious vegan makeup line, EM Cosmetics. We at Herbivore have gotten a chance to personally sample EM Cosmetics’ Infinite Lip Clouds and Color Drops Serum Blush. Both products are divine, and we love the way these products pair with glowing, Herbivore-treated skin. 

For a fresh-faced touch of color that suits sensitive complexions, blend Color Drops Serum Blush onto the apples of your cheeks a few minutes after applying our Lapis Facial Oil. The Lip Clouds glide on like sweet icing, blotting to perfection in second. You’ll need to reapply after meals, but otherwise this lip color stays put for hours.

We give EM Cosmetics five stars, and we’re thrilled about the release of her Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss, which is inspired by magic and gemstones. Discover more about Michelle Phan, her personal self-care rituals, and her magical interests in the following interview.

HB: What steps do you like to take as part of your self-care? 

MP: I enjoy aromatherapy, and I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils like lavender into my humidifier. I like to play my favorite music from Zelda, it creates a magical forest vibe that puts me in a calming mood. Sometimes when I’m rushing to get ready, calming music helps keep me stay in a meditative mood. 

HB: Why is vegan, all-natural beauty important to you? 

MP: I love thoughtful, conscious brands with strong integrity. Their philosophy reflects on the quality of the products. 

HB: Why are crystals important in your beauty and skincare rituals, and how do you use them?

MP: I have a few crystals in my bathroom. I like to recharge my crystals on full moons and cleanse them on new moons. Crystals are ubiquitous in everything we use, even our phones have crystals in them (they’re the reason why we can store data) and I find myself drawn to their energy and beauty. 

HB: Is there a crystal or stone that is particularly meaningful to you? 

MP: Angelite is a gorgeous stone that has a calming color and energy. Celestite is another favorite of mine that has a high vibrational energy, and stunning color. Of course, I love Amethyst and Rose Quartz, but my favorite mineral will always be Contraluz Opal. 

HB: What can you tell us about your Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss? 

MP: Growing up in the early 2000s, clear lip gloss was sticky. I loved the shine, but not the discomfort. Having my own brand gave me the luxury to create my holy grail high shine, clear lip gloss. I was meditating on the perfect inspiration for the gloss, and an image of the morning dew came to me. After developing various clear lip glosses, my team and I found the winning formula that encapsulates the vision. High shine lip gloss, fresh and youthful like the morning dew! 

HB: What else do you want to share with Herbivore fans regarding your metaphysical (or other) interests?

MP: I’ve been learning a lot about astrology, and applying it to my life. It’s has a tremendous impact on my life. I wish I had learned about it when I was younger, but better late than never.