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Leo Self-Care

Leo’s symbol is the lion, standing strong in representation of pride and leadership. This sleek cat is brave and true, with a certain je ne sais quoi that attracts friendships and lovers like bees to a field of wildflowers. The season of Leo begins on the 23rd of July and ends on the 22nd of August. In the Northern Hemisphere, sunflowers are in bloom during Leo season, so naturally they’re representative of Leo vibes.

Leo energy encourages performance, responsibility and bold self-expression. If Leo were sorted into a house at Hogwarts, they would surely be a Griffindor. Leo challenges can include arrogance, and/or over-indulgence. Strengths of this sign include agility, charm, charisma, artistry, and confidence. When brave Leo energy is riding high in your celestial world, observe the following suggestions to honor and temper mighty Leo power:

  • Preen. Imagine a beautiful lion with a plush mane, engaged in the long stretches of grooming time. Get into a similar groove when Leo energy abounds. This would be the ideal time to purchase that Versaille-inspired full-length mirror, or the rose gold fitness pole you’ve been eyeing. Stroke and accentuate that mane, and show off your glamorous self! Stand in front of a mirror and say “I love myself” on a daily basis. Yield to your inner Leo lion with self-care rituals aplenty. Coco Rose Body Polish makes an ideal summer soaking companion, plus it leaves your skin looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. 
  • Strut your stuff! Now that you’ve taken your time to primp and tease, take your look out into the world. If you’re showing some skin, don’t leave the house without gliding on a silken layer of Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil for added sheen. Leo energy brings a commanding presence, so don’t be surprised at the uptick in turning heads!
  • Take to the stage. Whether you’re exploring an improv class, posting on social, or running for office, feed yourself some Leo energy for your performance. Regal grandeur is the name of the game, so let your actions pack a punch. Enroll in a series of dance classes, book a photo shoot to document your beauty, sign up to audition for that vocal competition you’ve been thinking about, launch your new YouTube channel, etc. 

Happy Leo season, y’all!

Illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac.