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Scorpio Season Astrological HERBIscopes for all Zodiac Signs

Our 2020 Scorpio Season is a time to harvest, nest, and let go of what is no longer needed. Scorpio is a sensual, intense, and psychic sign, and this time of year tends to bring out these qualities in the collective. We’ve taken a look at key planetary transits that will occur during Scorpio season, plus mini horoscopes for each zodiac sign. 

The action begins with a full moon in Taurus on October 31st, Halloween, where you’ll need to stay healthy and masked. To the relief of all, Mercury awakens from his nap in retrograde on the 3rd of November, notably Election Day in the US. As Mercury goes direct, this corrective trajectory will favor authenticity and allow opposites to communicate agreeably. Mars goes direct on November 13th, allowing work to flow more smoothly and offering opportunities to clean up funky dynamics.

Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus remain in retrograde throughout this Scorpio Season, causing unforeseen earthly/technological events and spiritual fogginess. They’ll also shed light on overlooked areas and prompt the world to make structural change.



Happy birthday! This is your season in the spotlight so break out the finery and celebrate. Take advantage of our Halloween full moon in sensual Taurus that comes with sparks attached to reignite your love life. Move all work deadlines to Sagittarius season.

Self care tip: Update your skincare routine with a clean retinol-alternative.


You’re blessed with an awe-inspiring Scorpio season each year that lands in your 12th house of deep work. Relish in what you do, and do it well. Avoid daredevil activities and multitasking, and keep your blood sugar stable during the Halloween full moon.

Self care tip: Stay cozy, and keep your house clean. 


Cosmic sea goats like yourself will be drawn to community care and activist work during the sun’s annual trek through your 11th house of technology and ideology. During the Halloween full moon in your fifth house of creativity, you’ll strike a chord with your soul and audience. 

Self care tip: Put ‘indulge’ on your to-do list.


Gobble up the extra attention you’re getting during this year’s Scorpio season in your 10th house of glamour. The full moon in Taurus on Halloween gives you luck and a pass to try new things on for size, literally and figuratively. Strike a deal when the iron gets hot.

Self care tip: Pay attention to your musical life. Update playlists, tune your instruments, etc.


This Scorpio season will bring you a bounty of learning and (pandemic-safe) travel opportunities. You could be visiting a boo or pursuing a side passion. The full moon in Taurus on Halloween in your house of nesting will bring the party to your house.

Self care tip: Switch it up. You might be stuck in a rut.


Scorpio season is doubly energized for you because it falls in your Scorpio-ruled eighth house of crossroads and dues. Be sure to return favors, check on Grandma, etc. Make that choice after the 8th of November.

Self care tip: Remember, be authentic. It’s better for your energy.


Deep and fearless Scorpio season is your time to build relationships. Perhaps you and your lover(s) are finding a new groove or a platonic relationship has strengthened during quarantine. In either case, the relationships you build on now are likely to last.

Self care tip: Soak it up. You need a break.


It’s time for your physical, at least in a cosmic sense. Make all necessary appointments because Scorpio season is your time to take check in with your body and its needs. The Halloween full moon in Taurus in your house of spirituality brings higher reasons to stay healthy.

Self care tip: Give your body a good scrub for extra energy.


Get in the studio, Cancer. Scorpio season is a time of creative conception. As the cardinal matriarch of the zodiac, leadership comes naturally to you, especially now. The full moon in Taurus won’t cause a stir that you can’t handle.

Self care tip: Stomp around in the great outdoors.


Scorpio season tends to bring you home. Allow the pull to guide you to your chosen or given roots. Lend your stabilizing energy to those who need it. Protect your reputation at the full moon in Taurus on Halloween and all will be well.

Self care tip: Cuddle up with a good book and a deep pore-cleaning facial.


Get ready for your mic-drop moment. Scorpio season always brings out your sparkling wit. Siblings, family members and lifelong friends take center stage, leading to developments in the realm of communication and openness.

Self care tip: Know your limits.


Now that you’ve celebrated your birthday, you can get to leveling up. Enjoy digging into the numbers, statistics, and other small but important details of your life. Problem solving is an important tool to master in getting a return on your time or resource investment.

Self care tip: Take a detoxifying bath.

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