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Six Skincare Steps to Get Rid of Maskne

Masks have become a must-have accessory, and many of us are updating our skincare regimens as a result. Breath moisture trapped against the skin combined with fabric friction can easily irritate, dull, and cause breakouts on the sensitive skin of the face. Simply put, common skin concerns are multiplied under a mask.

The following steps will dramatically reduce your mask wearing-related skin concerns. First things first: always begin your skincare ritual with a gentle, low-foaming, non-stripping cleanser such as our Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser. Pink Cloud is included in our limited-time Maskne Bundle for clearer skin when the mask comes off.


Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser
  1. Cleanse

Lack of circulation under a mask can cause clogged pores, oil buildup, leading to dull skin, blackheads and whiteheads. Washing the face twice daily helps to prevent and clear up pore-clogging congestion and acne with all-natural cleansing surfactants plus moisture-balancing Squalane Oil. 

Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser refreshes skin after a day of mask wearing with healing Tremella Mushroom and Squalane Oil. Tremella helps to soothe any mask-induced irritation with inflammation-reducing Vitamin D and restorative Polysaccharides. Sweet-smelling Rose and Coconut Waters plus ultra-hydrating Tremella help to boost your skin’s hydration as Squalane Oil melts away makeup. With a pH level between 5-6, this cleanser also will help to restore your skin’s natural balance.

Overstripping the skin will disrupt pH balance, which is the balance of acidity and alkalinity. Skin that is too acidic will be prone to acne and irritation. Skin that is too alkaline will be prone to dryness, dullness and premature aging. Skin that is pH balanced will most effectively protect the skin from excess bacterial growth, and thus some forms of acne. 

By restoring the skin’s natural moisture levels with hydrating, moisturizing and gentle foaming ingredients, Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser prevents pH balance disruption and resulting skin concerns.

2. Exfoliate

Refresh your skin’s tone and texture after a day of mask-wearing with a gentle misting of our Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner, formulated with exfoliating Willow Bark Extract BHA, antioxidant-rich Green Tea and luxurious Jasmine Sambac that help to clarify and minimize pore congestion, prevent maskne, and refresh your inner glow as well.

Blue Tansy Resurfacing Facial Mask

2. Exfoliate

For acne and oil-prone skin, use a bacteria-battling facial such as our Blue Tansy Resurfacing Facial Mask at least once per week. This mask’s star ingredient is Blue Tansy Oil, rich in powerhouse antibacterial and inflammation-soothing properties that keep irritation and breakouts at bay. 

Lapis Facial Oil

3. Moisturize

A comfortable amount of moisture—not too much, not too little— is essential to preventing face mask irritation. Our award-winning Lapis Facial Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores, and is formulated with Jojoba Oil, which resembles our skin’s natural sebum so your glow is natural looking and comfortable. 

TIP: The above products are included in our limited-time Maskne Bundle. Get yours for clearer skin when the mask comes off.

Maskne Routine Bundle ($55, $74 value)



Hand Hero 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel

5. Sanitize your hands

Chances are you’re responsibly washing your hands more than you used to, so help your hands to stay soft and happy with our redness and irritation-soothing Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar.  Keep your hands off of your face as best as you can while you’re out and about, and keep a bottle of Hand Hero 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel to minimize bacterial and viral spread while also minimizing pore congestion. 

Keep your hands clean not just for the purpose of preventing the spread of disease, but also to prevent breakouts. One of the primary causes of acne is an overgrowth of a bacteria called propionibacterium, which is normally present all over the body. When this bacteria gets trapped in pores, it can easily multiply, causing infections in the form of pimples. Clean hands help to keep maskne at bay.

Rochelle Porter Organic Cotton Face Mask

Photo from

6. Wear a breathable natural fiber mask (organic if possible):

Wear a natural fiber mask like these by Rochelle Porter, which are made of 100% organic soft, breathable cotton, so your face can stay clear of toxic chemicals and harsh dyes. Make sure to wash your masks between wearings with an all-natural green laundry detergent (we recommend Celsious) to prevent allergic reactions and toxin absorption. 

Don’t forget:

Yes, most of your face is covered when you’re wearing a mask, but that doesn’t mean that your forehead, high cheekbones, temples, ears, bridge of the nose, etc. can’t be damaged from sun exposure, causing premature aging. Remember to incorporate an all-natural SPF into your everyday routine to avoid discoloration (or face mask tan lines!).

Illustration by Wren McMurdo Brignac

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