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What’s New About our Rose Hibiscus Mist?

Our Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist has gotten a mini-makeover, and is now even more so an everyday skincare favorite and vanity essential! We’ve swapped our original rose water with organic rose hydrosol, which delivers even deeper nourishment and a wonderful aroma. Plus—a “heavenly mist” pump top makes toning a literal breeze!

Hydrosols, also known as “distillate waters” or “floral waters,” are very useful in skincare for their ability to deliver the benefits of botanicals without over-exposing the skin to very potent ingredients. The organic rose hydrosol used in our Rose Hibiscus Mist is water that remains after steam distilling organic rose petals, delivering a micro-dose of rose essential oil that’s safe and gentle, even for very sensitive skin. 

Rose hydrosol has been a skincare staple throughout history, and is blended into our Rose Hibiscus Mist for its soothing power, humectant properties, and rich vitamin C content among other benefits. Its dreamy scent pairs beautifully with our original formula, which features skin-brightening hibiscus flower extract and ultra-nourishing coconut water.

A spritz of our Rose Hibiscus Mist will renew your complexion at any time, day or night. Its “heavenly mist” pump delivers an ultralight cloud of hydration to the skin, floating effortlessly and evenly clean skin or makeup. (We love to use it as a makeup setting spray!) You’ll adore the wonderful ease of this new pump design, which helps to leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated, dewy, and fresh. 

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