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Why Our Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar is Super Sustainable

Happy Earth Week! 

As the saying goes, “everyday is Earth Day,” but Earth Week is important because it’s an opportunity to think collectively about our environmental values. Collective consciousness produces powerful energy and motivation, and this a time of coming together in service and support of a green future on this planet. Incidentally, this year is also a time in which frequent hand washing is the norm. It’s for these reasons that we opted to release our latest Emerald darling during Earth Week, 2020.

Our Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar is the latest addition to our CBD skincare collection. This super-sustainable bar features Certified Organic key ingredients and a formula that’s 100% synthetic-free, all-natural, PETA-Certified vegan, and Leaping Bunny-Certified cruelty free. Produced in solid form and packaged without plastic in an FSC-Certified paper box, this hand and body cleanser is not only good for your skin, it’s very kind to the earth.

We use only high-quality natural ingredients to create our formulas, and ethical, organic production and harvest methods are high on our list of sourcing priorities. Our Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar features certified organic key ingredients for the most natural glow and benefits.

Organic Coconut Oil forms the base of this bar that helps to restore natural moisture while cleansing. Other organic ingredients include organic Cannabis (Hemp) Sativa Seed Oil and 50 mg of organic Cannabidiol (CBD). These plants are commonly grown with pesticides, which can degrade quality and disrupt hormones. Our Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar is made with Certified Organic hemp and cannabis-derived ingredients. 

Emerald CBD Soap and all other Herbivore Products are 100% vegan and natural. To ensure biocompatibility, our formulas do not contain synthetic ingredients, dyes or fragrances, all of which have the potential to disrupt bodies and ecosystems. Because animal ingredients require significantly more natural resources than plant ingredients to cultivate, vegan formulas have a much smaller environmental footprint than non-vegan formulas. Our products are also cruelty-free, which helps to decrease the demand for the unethical practice of animal testing in the beauty industry. 

Solid bar cleansers are highly sustainable because they are efficient, long-lasting, and do not contain excess water, which minimizes the resources required to ship. All Herbivore formulas are concentrated blends that contain no unnecessary fillers, helping greatly to achieve maximum glow with minimal environmental impact. 

Our Emerald CBD Soap Cleansing Bar is efficiently cut and packaged without plastic in a simple box made of FSC-Certified paper. Prioritizing minimal packaging that is easily recycled or composted is essential to moving the beauty industry in a sustainable direction, and there is no other Herbivore product that meets this qualification more than our Herbivore soap bars. 

Our core sustainability values include making sure that our products, ingredients, and packaging are as gentle on the planet as they are on our bodies. Always trying to reduce our footprint further, we are looking into ways to eliminate virgin plastic from our packaging in a timely manner. Our Emerald CBD Soap Bar is our newest product that is packaged 100% free of plastic.

Giving back to sustainable causes is also a priority of ours. We have raised funds for WIRES in support of Australian wildlife, Clear Blue Sea in support of ocean cleanup. Plans in the works include a collaboration to generate the planting of climate-healing trees with Trees for the Future

We look forward to building a sustainable future with you, and we are excited about Emerald CBD Soap!


Emerald 50mg CBD Cleansing Bar Soap