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2021 Yearly HERBIscopes: Annual Reports for All Zodiac Signs

A collective breath of fresh air was taken as we stepped into 2021, a year that spotlights the inventive and forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. 

Imaginative Aquarian energy keeps our communities connected and our societies evolving out of the old and onto the new. In the zodiac timeline, Capricorn makes the rules, then Aquarius invents new ways to follow those rules.

This could be an excellent year for clean energy sourcing and climate change solutions, as well as sweeping advances in social justice. Steady Saturn in Aquarius will keep us square with reality, and lucky Jupiter will equip us with ingenuity and spirit.

On February 12th, the Chinese Year of the Ox begins to help us rebuild physical health, overall wellness, and endurance after our tricky Year of the Rat. Pluto continues his journey through Capricorn, bringing generational shifts in government and societal structures, much of which are welcome.

For Your Calendar

Four eclipses will bring final endings and bold new beginnings. Circle the following on your calendar: 

  • Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26
  • Solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10
  • Lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19
  • Solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4

Mercury retrogrades will affect how we relate to each other through the pandemic and different global shifts. The planet of communication will slow:

  • In Aquarius from January 30th – February 20th.
  • In Gemini from May 29 to June 22.
  • In Libra from September 27 to October 18.

Uranus in Taurus will square Saturn in Aquarius at a few points in 2021, bringing unique power struggles between the old and the new. With Uranus being the planet of surprises, we will need to be flexible, resilient, and diligent with our self-care practices on and around these days:

  • February 17th
  • June 14th
  • December 24th

Overall, 2021 will bring lots of opportunities to act according to what we learned last year and plenty more to become more flexible and nurture ourselves. 

While ambition is often a hot subject around the new year, we’d like to remind you that rest, relaxation, and taking time to enjoy life are also #goals. Give yourself hugs, maintain your routines, and don’t be hard on yourself. Heck, treat yourself. Update your skincare 2021 self-care routine with a good body scrub, a serum that reduces the look of last year’s fine lines and wrinkles, or a nourishing face oil to celebrate having survived 2020 intact.


Your fiery nature will impress higher-ups as big planets orbit through your house of community and innovation. The Year of the Ox will teach you how to harness and utilize your flame. If you’re dating, seek someone who can support your ambition without losing sight of their own goals. 2021 self-care tip: keep your pantry stocked with tasty fixings for healthy beverages.


As a kindred cosmic ruminant you’ll feel right at home in the Year of the Ox, during which we will see what is and isn’t sound in structure. Both Saturn and Jupitier will be in your house of fame and recognition for much of the year, which will bestow you with a keen audience if you didn’t have one already. 2021 self-care tip: give up a habit you never really enjoyed in the first place.


With big planets making waves in your house of travel and education, you may find yourself planning more staycations than vacations this year. When you can’t stand your walls any longer, grab a quarantine buddy for the occasional AirBnB stay out in nature. 2021 self-care tip: expand your mind by diving into biographies or conducting interviews with people you find interesting. 


Getting your life in order will come naturally this year, when you’ll be thinking far beyond a five-year plan. You may suddenly feel equipped to make those big changes more quickly than you thought. Diversify and multiply, and not just financially. Friends, time, and health are also assets. 2021 self-care tip: treat yourself to things that are worth it in the long run, like a photo shoot, dance lessons, or skincare tools


Planets in your house of partnerships will shake up your love life and career in 2021. Unstable relationships will be obvious, and the same goes for happy ones. The Year of the Ox will bring out your prowess to embolden you to ask for that raise, take that calculated risk, extend that maternity leave, etc. Self-care tip: keep a brain-dump journal for those moments when you need to practice discretion. 


Health is wealth, Virgo. That is your 2021 mantra to recite day in, day out. With huge planets knocking around your sixth house of wellness this year, your body temple will be top on your list of priorities. Instead of jumping on a new workout regime or meal service right away, practice simply listening to your body and responding to its energetic needs. Self-care tip: keep an analog clock or watch handy to give your eyes a rest.


2021 could be a very prolific year for creative Libras with big ideas buzzing around in their heads. Whether you identify as an artist or not, the universe requires that you manifest what you see in your mind’s eye. Allow visions to come as you flow through your day, cleaning, gardening, tending to your work. Self-care tip: set up a “studio” for yourself, or rearrange and organize your current one.


On the move, Scorpio? 2021’s stars certainly seem to think so. With major transits in your fourth house of home, you could be relocating, buying, selling, renting a piece of property out, or possibly taking in a loved one. In any case, the place you call home will look entirely different by the time 2022 pulls up. 2021 self-care tip: automate and delegate. Bosses don’t even try to do it all.


Family comes into sharp focus for cosmic stags in 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, outgoing Sagittarius folks have felt stuck inside with their quaranpod but also grateful for any interaction at all. Being so close to home and family has built your character and brought intimacy to your relationships, themes that will continue into this year. Self-care tip: take care of the things you own and let go of things you can’t take care of.


2021 feels like a breath of fresh air to exhausted Capricorns nursing bruises from the previous year, which put a lot of pressure on sea goats to maintain stability. The Great Conjunction in December brought a welcome end to a mountain of pressure, and you can now enjoy some solid footing. Self-care tip: pick an enjoyable, non-work-related skill to get good at this year, like cooking with cannabis or the butterfly stroke.


It’s your year, Aquarius! Water bearers are stepping into the spotlight as our world comes together to tackle global issues. At home, get into a state of “flow” whenever possible. Whether that be practicing your craft or soaking in your tub, your best thoughts come when you’re lost in your favorite activities, leaving space in your imagination. Self-care tip: help yourself, first, Aquarius! Drink tons of water.


2021 will be a big year for Pisces, especially when Jupiter dips between your 12th house of spirituality and your first house of personal identity all year. You may look a lot different next year, at least on the inside. 2020 may have shown you what you can no longer tolerate, and if so, 2021 is about truly living in alignment with your values. Self-care tip: be religious about nurturing your closest friendships this year. 

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