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Why is Body Oil Important in Skincare?

Body oils have been used for tens of thousands of years to soften and moisturize the skin. They are one of the most basic and essential skincare products on par with a body exfoliation practice. Here we explore some of the most commonly pondered questions about body oils.

Why is body oil important in skincare?

Did you know that stress dehydrates the skin? Cortisol increases the heart rate, which can lead to sweating and chronic dehydration that you’re less likely to deal with when burdened by the very stressors to blame. 

If this dermal drought is left unchecked, it leads to dryness, dullness, uneven skin texture, and wrinkles. Body oils supplement the skin’s hydration-locking moisture barrier, which helps to prevent these concerns when avoiding the stress of daily life is an unlikely option. 

They are also excellent vehicles for feeding the essential skin micronutrients. Our Citrine Body Oil contains omega fatty acid- and vitamin A-rich rosehip oil. Jasmine Body Oil and Coconut Body Oil blends with orchid extract, which contains calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

Is body oil better than body lotion?

There’s almost nothing more satisfying than the sensation of body oil gliding smoothly across freshly cleansed, exfoliated skin. Body oils are superior post-bath or shower due to their power to lock in the hydrating effects of the steam and your bathtime skincare products. The glowing effects of a sugar scrub, for example, will last longer and impact the health of your skin when followed by a pump or two of a coconut body oil. 

Body oil can also coexist with body lotion. Use the oil to prime the skin as a base layer before cream to comfort the skin with super deep moisture. Mix body oil with your lotion or SPF, or layer it on as the last step to seal in and compound the hydrating benefits of lotions, creams, and butters. 

Which body oil is best for dry skin in the winter?

Your skin becomes more prone to dryness in winter weather due to factors on top of stress and dehydration. These include lowered humidity, indoor heating, harsh elements, and bulkier clothing—which not only chafes it also makes it hard to reapply moisture very often. 

Body oils can be lightweight enough to layer on throughout the day and sufficient to provide lasting comfort under bulky clothes.

What are the best body oils?

For the fastest absorption, choose body oils formulated with ingredients like camellia oil, lightweight oil that pairs beautifully with heavier oils like coconut. Hence, your skin absorbs moisture (and glows) on multiple levels. 

Coconut oil is particularly favored in skincare because of its rich moisture and humectant properties, amplifying glow on top of brilliance. Rosehip and meadowfoam oils are other favorite body oil ingredients of ours due to their nurturing power and swift absorption.

Body oil moisture, meet hydrating bath products. 

Many body scrub products feature luxe oils of their own that penetrate more easily with exfoliation. Use scrub as an exfoliator and body oil in one, or follow your polish with complimenting body oil for maximum moisture that begins in the bath or shower.

Some bath products, like a coconut milk bath soak will also draw hydration to the skin that lasts longer when followed by a generous application of body oil upon emerging. 


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