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Capricorn Season HERBIscopes: Seasonal Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

Happy Capricorn season! May this annual period of renewal, freshness, hope, aspiration, and manifestation give us the boost we need to slough 2020 down the drain and step out rested and ready for 2021.

Seasonal featured product: Prism Glow Duo – Leave 2020 dullness in the past and embrace the new year looking luminous. Your skin will feel smooth and soft from the power of exfoliating fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids and willow bark-derived beta hydroxy acid, cool aloe, and gentle rosewater. 


Capricorn – This is your time to sea-gloat. You have a lot going for you, and you have a lot to boast about, so why not take advantage of your birthday to do so? In your downtime, lean into everyday rituals to deepen your relaxation habit

Aquarius – Water care-bearers will feel cosmically encouraged to upgrade their spiritual practices this month. We suggest you spend Capricorn season thinking like a dancer. What comes forward when you allow yourself to be swept away by rhythm?

Pisces – Where will you next flip your fins, fish? Pisces babies will get their kicks making plans with pals this Capricorn season. How (and where?) will you celebrate life when social distancing rules have eased? 

Aries – Don’t go Aries-y on the self-expression this Capricorn season. Your spotlight awaits (even if it’s your imaginary one in the mirror as you sing into your hairbrush). Make doing your nightly skincare routine with Pink Cloud Cleanser part of your 2020 #skingoals.

Taurus – Nothing can’t Taurus down during this annual season of educational opportunities. You’ll be fielding criticism with minimal ego injury. Dive into a gentle yin yoga practice to allow what you’ve learned to sink in. 

Gemini – You’ll be signing on the dot this Capricorn season. Read the literal fine print, and be diligent about your self-care so you can make sound decisions. Clear your head and relax with Detox Bath Salts.

Cancer – Come out of your shell now, crab. This time of year, focus on your partnerships in life. With your sign being Capricorn’s opposite, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to see eye-to-eye on varying issues.

Leo – Your health is your mane focus throughout Capricorn season, Leo. Stay active and stay safe! This earthy season will encourage you to find nourishment through your roots. 

Virgo – What pleases you, Virgo? Cosmic impulses fly for you this time of year. Go with the flow emotionally and artistically for now. You’ll find yourself in a creative and supportive role during this earth sign-friendly season.

Libra – Tip your Libra scales in the direction of your home this Capricorn season. Fill your home with the smell of fresh food, rearrange furniture, buy new pajamas, etc. Surround yourself with beauty while leaning into earthy textures and hues. 

Scorpio – May your stinger be chill this Capricorn season as you’re tempted to share intimate truths that may expose your soft underbelly to close friends—a theme that will last all year. Your nostalgic sign loves keepsakes so take screenshots of awesome video chats and mail prints as 2020 tokens. 

Sagittarius – Capricorn season is usually fortunate for cosmic stags, so take a chance on your desires. Invest in a Jade Facial Roller to reduce classic Sag post-Zoom party puffiness and amplify your luck. 


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