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April HERBIscopes: Monthy Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

The Month of April carries the bulk of Aries Season, the first official sun season of the astrological calendar year. This is a powerful time of rebirth and signaling of spring’s arrival. Celebrate with a picnic spread and a fresh, simple skincare routine. Read on for monthly calendar notes and horoscopes for each sign. 

April 4th – Mercury in Aries – Flex your leadership-level communication muscles, staying wary of being overly blunt for the next two weeks. 

April 11th – Aries New Moon – The first new moon of the first sun season of the astrological year is THE lunar aspect of the year to name wildly ambitious intentions. 

April 15th – Venus in Taurus – Money, money, money, muuh-neyyy! The economy could shift toward balance under this particular star map.

April 19th – Sun and Mercury enter Taurus – Birthday season for bulls! Practical ideas materialize easily in our minds, especially through modes of communication like journaling and talking to a therapist.

April 23rd – Mars in Cancer – Toxic masculinity will soften as the planet of action buoys in the ultra-sensitive Haus of Crab.

April 26th – Scorpio Full Moon – Light a match and boom!—You’re in bed with all the feels before you know it under these super sensual skies. Keep an eye out for pesky jealousy and avoid making eye-for-an-eye jabs.


Happy birthday season! Lay the groundwork for any character upgrades you’re developing for yourself over the next six months. What kind of person would you have to become to get what you want? Use Mercury’s heavy influence over your sign to get sh*t done and out of the way. You’ll enjoy Mars’ shift into Cancer on the 23rd, which will allow you to feel your feelings and cleanse your heart center.

Cosmic Skincare Suggestion: Crown yourself with a spritz of Sea Mist Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to expand your aura and finesse your tresses for spring. 


When Venus moves into your sign’s zone on the 15th, you’ll notice yourself shifting into an abundance mindset. Your birthday season begins with the planet of communication on your side. Smooth out any relationship wrinkles with your soft bedside manner and a knack for choosing just the right make-up gifts. 

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Gift yourself and those closest to you with our Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, which offers harmonizing metaphysical benefits to all parties involved. 


The month begins with Mars in your sign, allowing you to get things like writing, podcasting, and heartfelt conversation to-dos completed. Don’t be surprised if you nail a job lead, promotion, or lucrative new client when the planet of action shifts into conservative Cancer on the 23rd. Mercury in Taurus will help you to make sound career-related decisions.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Balance your buttoned-up professionalism with chances to completely unwind with our Coconut Milk Bath Soak


The Aries new moon on the 11th is a great day to launch a new product or campaign, start a business, or try a new hobby. It’s also a great day to renew New Year’s intentions if you made any or scrap them and make set new ones. The full moon in Scorpio brings you luck in love and passion. Light some candles and make it a night to remember.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Prep your skin for a night of princess lounging or partner playtime with delectable Coco Rose Body Polish


Look for learning opportunities in the signs the universe is giving you. Consider going back to school or soliciting your audience for constructive feedback. Mars in your area of exploration and education will allow you to luxuriate in the act of study. Allow yourself to absorb rather than create for a little while. Venus in Taurus could bring a prestigious award or certificate of completion.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Keep your skincare stash stocked with breakout-battling staples like Lapis Facial Oil in case you get stressed from info overwhelm. 


Planets will be ganging up to influence other people’s money this month, hopefully bearing a windfall of cash, which you’ll happily spend on investments that beautify and multiply over time. Be sure to speak up and ask for help when you need it. (Your do-it-yourself sign loves to avoid doing this.) Venus’ shift into Taurus will allow you to invest in education. 

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Meditate daily with a Jade Facial Roller to attract the abundance coming your way. 


Relationships are the focus this month, with many close planets traveling through your house of partnership. The Aries New Moon on the 11th is a fine day to get married, make a business proposal to a friend or colleague, or make the first move and ask for that coffee date. Consider spring hobbies like gardening and hiking the trails in your area.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Boost your confidence with a body glow that feels wonderful and turns heads with our Jasmine Body Oil.


The full moon in your sign this month will bring you face-to-face with success. Don’t self-sabotage at the last minute! Embrace the fiery Aries sun by showering your boo or bff with love, gifts, and words of affection. Beam your light on those you love. Action-oriented Mars will inspire you to make purchases that will have long-term effects on your quality of life.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Moisturize your normal-to-combination skin with our lightest facial oil, Orchid.


There’s no doubt you’ll discover genius-level inspiration with the celestial support you’ll receive this month. With so many planets circulating in and around Aries—your house of creative expression—it’s the perfect time to pick up those paintbrushes, dust off those musical instruments, re-enroll in dance classes, etc. Follow your heart’s desire. 

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Fellow fire sign Aries energy calls for a bottle of glow-renewing Phoenix Facial Oil.


Home and hearth are on your mind as you clear out the cobwebs after a restful winter. Freshen your windows and altar with cut flowers and baby potted plants. Adorn your home and adorn yourself. Tackle furniture stains and repair clothing. Spend time crafting the perfect corner to lounge, read, and meditate in.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Stock your shelfie with products that not only work—they also look good in their packaging. Start with a bottle of Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum.


Siblings and childhood friends may make cameos in your world this month. Those who’ve known you the longest tend to have insight into your trajectory, and they also have the ability to be blunt with you about what’s working and what’s not. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your day-to-day, these figures in your life may offer a ladder out of commitment holes you’ve dug for yourself.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Seeing old friends and meeting with family members might make it clear how much you—and your skin—have changed over the years. Revive skin that is showing signs of aging with Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum.


After a bewildering birthday season, you are ready to secure resources with renewed confidence in your charm and talents. Nailing that job interview will be a piece of cake, that 

product launch will be successful, and your influence will grow. If you work in publishing or communications, your efforts will have even more of a chance to bring you success.

Cosmic skincare suggestion of the month: Boost your glow with in honor of the new moon in Aries, when wishes are meant to be made, with a Brighten Instant Glow Mask facial.

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