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Aquarius Season HERBIscopes: Astrological Reports for All Zodiac Signs

Get ready to contend with the great Aquarian water bearer, an archetype honored in astrology for holding the emotions of others without taking them on. Aquarius is associated with community health, social justice, and problem-solving savvy. 

These themes will permeate our lives for the coming weeks and months as big planets will be making moves right alongside the sun in Aquarius. Structured Saturn and freedom-loving Jupiter will be arm-wrestling, mirroring complex power dynamics in professional, personal, and political relationships here on Earth. 

Containing all of this energy is a tense angle between slow-moving trickster Uranus and tough teacher Saturn. These two are engaged in a cosmic debate, causing events that reminding us to expect the unexpected. Watch for an exciting season filled with opportunities for building stamina through boundary-stretching conversations and circumstances. Take this time to think about living more sustainably and lovingly. 

A full moon in Leo on January 28th will bring a sense of pride in personal growth, which came as a result of 2020’s turbulence. 

A new moon in Aquarius on Feb 11th will usher in the agenda for the rest of the year’s social justice initiatives. 

Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius for nearly all of Aquarius season, from the 29th of Jan to the 20th of February. This is a good time to pause before purchasing big-ticket items, signing contracts, and making permanent choices. 

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Aquarius – Happy Birthday! You’re officially an older, wiser You. This year brings leaps and bounds in personal growth. Spend time updating and editing your playlists. Music is an important tool for you in so many ways. 

Pisces – As the ancient wizards of the zodiac, Pisces fish are automatically equipped to interpret situations without having to verbally inquire. However, the stars suggest that you should never make assumptions, especially now. Ask before you jump to conclusions. 

Aries – Let go if your attachments, ram. The planets are aligned to challenge you to prioritize peace over plans. How can you hold ideas lightly, without clutching them? Get involved in a group effort or club to feed your soul and fill your heart. 

Taurus – Aquarius season will exercise your ability to stay light on your bull hooves as your personal identity and career goals face conflicting realities. Consider revealing a vulnerability. What was once a sore spot becomes a beauty mark this year. 

Gemini – You feel the tug of spiritual wanderlust, but travel plans will have to wait for now. Instead, study astral projection or lucid dreaming. Inspire yourself during the day by taking a junior colleague or young hopeful under your wing. 

Cancer – The cause calls, crab, but so does your emergency fund. How can you contribute without draining your own reserves? Don’t shy away from savvy investing in tech-related areas, but only with play money because…Mercury retrograde. 

Leo – Bring home the veggie bacon, Leo, but don’t forget who you’re bringing it home to. It’s all in the details when it comes to close partnerships. If you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, remember that shells turn into soft sand with little effort. 

Virgo – Your clever sign loves to learn and explore, and this season will ask that you do so in the area of self-care. What can you learn about your limits, bodily boundaries, cravings, desires, etc. Make an effort to express your undying love to yourself. 

Libra – Aquarius season looks good on you, Libra. Well, everything does, but that’s not the point. Familial roots may need watering just as you’re finding your juiciest creative groove in a while. Weave the happenstance into the story you’re writing. 

Scorpio – Home is where the heart is, Scorpio, but which one are we talking about? It seems you’re split between your childhood roots and your adult life for a couple weeks. Double-check that you don’t book a Zoom date on the night you’re supposed to FaceTime with Grandma. 

Sagittarius – You’re feeling the pressure, and the urge, to speak, with tons of planets playing in your third house of communication. But for the sake of your inner calm, try your best to practice discretion. You might be better understood with fewer words.

Capricorn – Have you created a monster, sea goat? No one knows, yet. You’ve always been good with your resources, but an investment you made on impulse has been giving you a run for your money. Don’t pull out, just practice your incredible stamina for patience.

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