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Aquarius Self-Care

After Capricorn season lays roots and structure, we’re ready for community-focused, service-oriented Aquarius season to swing through.

Organizer of the zodiac, Aquarius brings about strategy, invention and innovation. It’s ruled by the planet Uranus, so Aquarius season expresses originality and possibility. Also influenced by objective-thinking Saturn, Aquarian energy is mentally sharp, with less interest in wallowing, and more motivation toward problem solving.

As a fixed air zodiac sign, Aquarius encourages a solid frame of mind, protected ideas, philosophical thought and heightened communication. Folks with Aquarius-heavy birth charts lean toward the future, thinking far outside the box with ease.

As water bearer of the sky, Aquarius is eagerly devoted to serving the greater good. Aquarius season is a keen time to explore authentic values and fresh service opportunities. For example, air-element Aquarian energy works well with tech-based communication mediums like social media and crowdfunding to fight injustices. Airwave creativity like music and poetry are other valuable forms of Aquarius expression and collective healing.

Self-love is an important facet of Aquarius season because it supports the enduring energy required to complete the season’s community-focused activities like throwing fabulous parties or getting involved in politics.

Need a little boost in the self-care department? Help yourself to Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish as part of your bathing routine. Soothe away stress with its genuine amethyst powder and organic virgin coconut oil blend that helps you relax and indulge.

Aquarius will assert that every dollar makes a difference. To shower community efforts with extra love while you shop, pop a vial of Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion into your shopping cart. We are currently donating $1 for each sale of this product to the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project. Glistening Prism offers brightening effects that will amplify your glow, and its rainbow energy will illuminate your sense of purpose as you explore Aquarian interests like charity work or contributing financially in a meaningful way.

Need an even deeper glow to develop your imaginative genius? Aquarius is a season of community healing. We’re aligning with this energy by donating $1 from each sale of Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil to Americans for Safe Access, an organization that supports the research and use of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes, and celebrates a deepening cultural awareness of natural healing practices. Stock up on Emerald to support them along with with us!

Whether the skies, your birth chart, or both are alight with Aquarius vibes, self-care as a foundational aspect of community health is a connection worth exploring. Devote some energy toward making a deeper contribution to your community this Aquarius season, then set yourself up for success with a healthy self-care routine to keep you soothed for the long haul.