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February New Moon in Aquarius

A New Moon in Aquarius falls on the 4th of February and is a breath of fresh air compared to January’s back-to-back eclipses. Landing in Aquarius—the intelligent and forward-thinking sign that allows us to look towards new beginnings—this moon is bringing good luck, optimism, and new opportunities.

The Eclipses of January marked the ending of big chapters in our lives. You may have felt like everything that wasn’t working in your life began to fall away, even if it felt a little uncomfortable. And while sometimes it can be challenging to let go, it always marks the opening of a new door. This New Moon in particular, due to its link with Jupiter, is beaming with fresh-start energy. All the endings that occurred in January and with the end of 2018 were making space for something new to come forth.

Speaking of making space, sometimes we have to take action ourselves to invite change into our lives. This New Moon with all of its social energy that embodies Aquarius invites us to think outside the box and try new things, which is where the most powerful changes often occur, especially if you you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut. Reach out to new friends, go to new coffee shops, say “yes” to more invites even if you wouldn’t have said “yes” in the past. It’s often outside of our comfort zone that the magic happens. And even if it doesn’t happen the first time you say yes to something new, it signals to the Universe that you’re open and it will begin to get to work to send you fresh opportunities, experiences, partners, jobs, and more.

Here are some more tips on how to harness the energy of the New Moon on February 4th:

  • Aquarius—ruled by the zodiac’s eleventh house, group activity—invites us to gather with friends and like-minded people. Plan a beautiful dinner, organize a brunch, or schedule a luxurious spa day with your bestie’s.
  • Collaboration is also an important aspect of Aquarius. Seek out different ways you can collaborate with fellow creatives or like-minded people on new projects, that will get all of your creative juices flowing.
  • As an Air sign, it’s important to ground yourself during the New Moon in Aquarius. On the eve of the New Moon, ground yourself with Amethyst rituals. Amethyst is connected to the Crown Chakra which is related to cosmic energy, similar to the Aquarius Air energy. Draw a bath, light some candles in ourAmethyst Crystal Tea Light Holders, and while soaking in the tub, scrub skin with our Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish. Containing crushed Amethyst Gemstone, known as the Crystal Queen of Calmness, you will not only have silky smooth skin but also will soothe your mind and heart on the Airy New Moon.



Photo by John Forson