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BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Black Women in Beauty

Kamara Williams is a fashion-focused, NYC-based writer, content creator and consultant.

Herbivore products are formulated for all skin tones, and this month we are celebrating Black women in beauty in honor of Black History Month!


Kamara Williams
Kamara Williams

Kamara Williams is a fashion/lifestyle/culture writer and content creator with, to quote her blog, an “undying appetite for fashion in New York City.”

She also has luminous skin and weaves beauty and lifestyle details for both women and men into her content, which showcases an assortment of laid-back-yet-structured, color-focused ensemble ideas to inspire your wardrobe.

Our favorites? Her NYFW looks are divinely chic.

Kamara’s Herbivore Tip: “A great boost for your skin is the Brighten Instant Glow Mask. I use it whenever my skin feels a little dull and it picks it right back up.”

Website: In Thing

Instagram: @inthing_

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Celebrity Makeup and Hair Stylist and owner of Modern Green Goddess Ky Washington urges those with sensitive skin and higher quality standards to give Herbivore products a try.

Ky Washington

D.C. and NYC-based Ky Washington is an ingredient-conscious stylist and aromatherapist working to empower her clients and followers to discover green beauty solutions to use in daily routines and for special occasions alike.

We especially adore her in-depth IGTV channel, which provides plenty of bingeable beauty content and product recommendations curated specifically for their safety and effectiveness, so her followers can feel nurtured as well as thoroughly informed.

Ky’s Herbivore Recommendation: “Prism Glow Potion is a game changer! A couple of drops is all you need and when you wake up, OMG the glow!!!”

Website: Modern Green Goddess

Instagram: @kydoesmakeup


London-based beauty and skincare aficionado Evie Samuel shares her experience using Herbivore products.

Evie Samuel

Emerging London-based skincare maven Evie Samuel’s Insta page is your best friend in the morning. Her selfies are definitely ones to pin to #skingoals, and her methods simple, methodical and flawless in result.

Wondering how Evie perfects her radiant skin? For precise advice and a less-is-more approach, skim her clean and chic Insta page on the regular.

Evie’s Herbivore Recommendation: “The Lapis Facial Oil is my favourite oil and current skincare holy grail. If my skin is feeling a bit on the dry side, I’ll mix Lapis and Phoenix together.”

Instagram: @sknperfct


Travel-savvy model Erica Anastasia inspires others to be unstoppable.

Erica Anastasia

World-class model Erica Anastasia aims at being passionate to the point of unstoppable, inspiring others to do the same. Her confidence, independence and colorful style have drawn her considerable following for good reason.

One scroll through her dazzling portfolio will get you acquainted with her uniquely mesmerizing beauty. Her highly cultivated style, many travels and recommended beauty products naturally enhance her glow.

Erica’s Herbivore Recommendation: “One of my favorite personal tricks is spraying the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist after I apply my makeup for that ‘no makeup’ look.”


Instagram: @erica.anastasiia


Toni Ferguson is a Brooklyn-based fashion blogger and content creator.

Toni Ferguson

When friends and family are asking you for makeup tips, skincare tricks, product recommendations and how-tos, you know it’s time to start a beauty website, and that’s what Brooklyn-based Toni Ferguson did. Thus, her blog, Beauty Etc., has a lot of heart.

Follow her for exclusive tips, honest reviews and practical advice for addressing varying skincare and makeup interests. If you’re a review-reader and beauty buff, you’ll feel right at home scrolling Toni’s thoughtful content.

Toni’s Herbivore Recommendation: “My favorite go-to product combination has been the Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment Mask in conjunction with the Phoenix oil.”



Support this creator by shopping via this affiliate link (she'll receive a 10% commission!)


Makeup artist Morgan Teresa blends Herbivore Botanicals' facial oils with foundation for smooth application and glowing skin.

Morgan Teresa

Looking to evolve your beauty skillset with the help of the pros? West coast-based Morgan Teresa is your source for professional skincare, makeup and styling information.

Find interviews with makeup pros, inspired shoots with how-tos and curated tips to glow your best on Morgan’s multi-faceted, layman-approachable yet professional site that’s sure to kick your beauty confidence into higher dimensions.

Morgan’s Herbivore Recommendation: I absolutely love [Herbivore’s] facial oils for thinning out foundation and making it look smooth! I also slather it all over any exposed skin on my models for photo shoots.

Website: The Brilliant Aesthetic

Instagram: @thebrilliantaesthetic

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