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Pisces Self-Care

Pisces Self-Care with Herbivore Botanicals

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac calendar, tilling the astral soil for the planting of seeds, spring awakenings and the fiery birth of Aries that follows. In the Northern Hemisphere, Pisces season is marked by the sun’s position in this area of our tropical zodiac, and aligns with the slow, perfect opening of buds in contrast with the bittersweetness of lingering winter days. 

Pisces is deeply intuitive, being perhaps the most sensitive of the three water element zodiac signs (Cancer and Scorpio are also ruled by water). You can reliably expect Pisces energy, whether seasonal or birth chart-related, to generate deep, mystical connections to the universe.

Due to the sign’s inherent depth and psychic power, self-care challenges during Pisces season include staying grounded, keeping things energetically light and encouraging empathic or psychic information to flow steadily. These challenges may additionally present themselves to folks with Pisces-heavy charts, and when powerful planets aside from the sun move through Pisces. The below activities will help to counter these challenges, allowing for a clearer, healthier connection to Piscean energy.

  • Morning baths: Herbivore Botanicals’ Director of Sales + Education David Petrusich encourages morning baths due to their function in generating positive energy from the day’s commencement, and we believe they are especially appropriate during Pisces season. Quiet baths provide safe space for mediation while being submerged in water (Pisces’ ruling element). Our Detox Soaking Salts infuse eucalyptus, lavender and detoxifying blue clay to craft a Pisces-perfect sunrise soak that helps to lift heaviness from last night’s dreams and any excess empathic energy still lingering in your being from the previous day.
  • Child’s pose: Ruled by the dreamy planet neptune, which governs the sea, Pisces churns our deepest imaginative recesses. Forward-folding yin yoga poses help to coax healthy blood flow to your third eye area. This strengthens your psychic imagination, a highlighted attribute associated with Pisces.
  • Journaling: Allow yourself to relish the act of putting thoughts and dreams on paper. You might be surprised at the what comes forth as you simply allow thoughts to flow, stream-of-consciousness style. Keep a journal at your bedside to record vivid dreams, which are another symptom of Piscean influence.
  • Outdoor walks: Pisces is known as a “mutable” water sign, which means it carries adaptable, amenable energy. In this sense, groundedness can be a challenge during Pisces season and for Pisces-influenced folks. Regular outdoor walks help to ground errant energy. Grab your sneakers and hit the trail, spritzing your hair with Sea Mist Texturizing Spray to capture and honor Pisces’ oceanic energy on your way out the door.
  • Facial masks: If there’s a sign that champions restorative practices, Pisces takes the gold. Late February and March are ideal for spending extra time on restorative work. Rest and relaxation can be a challenge for some, and Neptune-influenced Pisces helps to counteract agitation, so you can meditate or journal while allowing your mask to set. Try our Blue Clay Detox Mask or our Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask to whisk away impurities for Pisces-perfect petal-soft skin.