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Five Crystal Shapes and How to Use Them

Five Crystal Shapes and How to Use Them | Illustrations by Wren McMurdo

Crystals make wonderful additions to lifestyles centered toward self-love. Placed strategically in your home, office, or on your person, they attract subtle energies that deliver specific results depending on the stone and shape. We at Herbivore know how easy it can be to get overwhelmed by the information that’s available related to crystals, so we’ve compiled this short list to better serve newbie and seasoned collectors alike. Just FYI: we carry versions of all of these crystal shapes in our wellness shop!

Points + Generators

Points: Also known as “generators,” these geometric crystals are recognizable via their six-sided shape that comes to a defined center point. They often have a flat base so that they can stand tall while reaching up to the sky. These crystals offer powerful focusing energy, so they’re ideal for altars and workspaces, helping to cast intentions into the ether.

Use Aqua Aura points at the center of crystal grids to cleanse and charge surrounding stones.

Tumbled Crystal Stones

Tumbled: Smooth and gentle, tumbled stones are wonderful pocket companions, so they’re ideal for travel. Whether you seek grounding, power, ease with communicating, etc., these charming little rocks won’t poke you through your clothes and love to sit and expand their energies in the palm of your hand.

Keep tumbled crystals on the left side of your body to absorb and draw in their powers, and on the right side of your body to project their energies outward.

Crystal Cluster

Cluster: Raw, untreated crystal clusters are very popular due to their divinely natural appearance. While they can be a touch more fragile than other crystal shapes, they offer powerful magic that comes straight from the Earth. They often sparkle wildly due to their many facets, so they make fabulous table centerpieces.

Place an amethyst cluster at the center of your coffee or dining table to produce a chill experience for you and any guests who gather around it.

Prism Crystal

Teardrop Prism: Have a sunny window? Adorn it with a teardrop prism crystal to send beautiful little rainbows dancing about your space. These dainty stones are multifaceted, like a little disco ball for daylight. They expertly break up the spectrum of light to reveal twinkling patterns which spread magical crystal vibes wherever they appear.

Practice being in gratitude each time you gaze upon a rainbow.

Square Crystal

Square: Actually cubic in shape but referred to as square, these sturdy crystals are quite handy due to their stackable shape that lends well to other objects. Balance and stability are found through working with these stones. Square crystals additionally offer a window through which to view things from a state of mindfulness.

Use square-cut Optical calcite as a paperweight for VIP documents in your office!

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