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Becoming Crystal Clear with Optical Calcite

Crystals are powerful tools to help us transform on many different levels, especially when we want to make changes in our lives. And a special time to really hone in on the changes we want to make is when a cycle ends: the end of the week, the end of the year, the end of the season. 

Endings give us time to reflect and look back to see what actually worked for us or what we did that hindered our success and growth. An ending is the perfect time to take inventory to gain clarity on how we want to move forward. But sometimes we can feel a little stuck or unclear and that’s where crystals can come to the rescue. 

As August ends and a new month is about to begin, our crystal for September is a special stone. One of our favorites to help bring clarity, clear out negativity, and feel more energized to make the changes we want to make is Optical Calcite. Also known as Iceland Spar, this beautiful crystal helps to: 

  • clear and activate all the chakras for complete balance
  • shift your perspective so you can see with a fresh eye (i.e. if you’re a negative person you can see the positive)
  • amplify positive energy to increase optimism, an essential quality needed for manifestation. 
  • amplifies positive energy while cleansing out negative energy 
  • is also known as the Stone of the Mind, helping to show a new way to look at experiences so you can change old thought patterns and create new ones (i.e., if you want more money but don’t know how to get more, it can help bring about new ideas on how to manifest what you desire). 

Try using this beautiful stone for the entire month of September as a new month AND new season begins, making it the perfect time to incorporate a new ritual into your life. Grab one or a few from our Wellness Shop and try these tips for using Optical Calcite: 

  • Place it around your home or on your alter to clear negativity from the space and draw in positive energy. You can also keep it in your pocket or in your bag to both clear out negativity where ever you are as well as draw in more positive and powerful energy 
  • Meditating with Optical Calcite it known to bring clarity to the mind and increase spiritual awareness - hold it in your palms as you meditate to amplify the benefits of your meditation practice 
  • Charge up your wallet or place Optical Calcite on top of money as a ritual to 


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