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The Perfect Polish for Fall

Fall is in the air and there’s nothing better than switching up your beauty routine for a new season. At Herbivore we’re all about self-care as self-love, which means that taking care of your body is just as important as what you put on your face. Sometimes it’s easy to neglect our nails but according to Chinese Medicine, our nails reflect the harmony and beauty of our whole body. We use our hands for almost everything and therefore, the ultimate gift of self-care for our hands is to put a little time and effort into taking care of and beautifying them. Isn’t it nice when you see someone who has manicured nails with a beautiful flash of subtle color? And as the seasons change, we picked a few of our favorite non-toxic polishes by J.Hannah from our Wellness Shop that are the perfect colors for the cooler months. Paint your nails a palette that will make even the colorful and changing leaves envious of your gorgeous fall tones.MISO | The perfect savory beige. With light green undertones, miso paste inspired, and a subtle fall hue, MISO is an autumnal favorite. 

SALTILLO | Reminiscent of the leaves changing from green to different shades of reds, orange, and yellows, SALTILLO is a smooth and shalky earth, tone, reminiscent of Coahuila clay and Western kiln. If you’re looking for a new fall rouge, this color is for you.

HEPWORTH | We never thought a color that looked like carved wood could look so good. Sensuous and earthy, HEPWORTH is a hue you won’t want to miss this season.

Images | NYC Bambi + J.Hannah

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